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Journeyman III

why cant I install ryzen master

So im installing ryzen master, agree to licence agreement, click install, it lasts about 5-10 secconds and then says install succsessful and i hit cose and launch and nothing happenes. i checked the install directory and its empty... i have tried changing my region to us (from uk) and using a "fix install error program from microsoft" and they havent worked... i even used ccleaner to clean registery issues. any ideas? to this you will find attached a txt file that i found in "C:\AMD\RyzenMasterExtract" that might help? thanx guys! 

edit: ryzen master installer version

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Community Manager

Please try this as taken from the Ryzen Master Tool user guide.

Recovering from Uninstall/Install issues

If an existing Ryzen Master version fails to uninstall properly or fails to upgrade properly when a new version is being installed, use the Microsoft install/uninstall troubleshooter to clean up the Ryzen Master elements so that Ryzen Master can be cleanly installed.

See Microsoft application installation troubleshooter: 


I dont have a previous version of ryzen master installed. nor have i ever installed ryzen master before. just upgraded from an fx 6300 to the r5 2600 and its the first time trying to install it. and i have tried the microsoft install troubleshooter and offered no help. still coming up with same issue... 


Can you try a clean install of Windows? Might be advisable when changing platform. 


Honestly been trying to stray away from this solution as it may or may not work and it would take atleast 3 days to re install all the software i have installed and i dont really have that kind of time. ill keep tring to fix it but if there is no other solution then i guess then im going to have to... if there are any other possible solutions i would be delighted to hear them!

Journeyman III

I had the same problem, for the second time. The solution was also this time to uninstall the display drivers and after that de AMD Chipset (SB) driver completely. Reboot your Pc and install the latest version of the AMD Chipset driver from the AMD website. After that reboot, install your latest display drivers. Now you can install the AMD Ryzen Master App and it should work again.