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Journeyman III

Why can't i record videos?

I've been having issues with the Radeon software telling me instant replay is off, and recording on the wrong monitor. I tried upgrading my video card drivers, and all that did was make any video recorded over saturated due to my HDR being enabled, which didn't happen before. So, I disabled HDR and rolled back the drivers as Star Citizen's frame rate dropped.

After having more of the same issue, I decided to try upgrading my drivers again after a clean uninstall of the old software. Now, when I try to record video I'm not even told that it isn't on. I just see an hour glass appear next to my cursor for a split second and disappear, and nothing happens. 

I've tried disabling my antivirus and setting exclusions in it for the AMD software but I'm having no luck. I use this card specifically to record gameplay and I'm feeling very frustrated. Any help would be grand.

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Instant Replay has been broken most of 2020, so you pretty much have to use direct recording only, or OBS.

Record Desktop has been known to constantly record your desktop when you are not doing anything, so you pretty much need to disable it.

The hourglass mouse cursor thing is a windows indicator of loading. What usually is happening here, is AMD's control panel is crashing itself and restarting non-stop in the background, because IR and RD are broken. This will massively reduce system performance, because the control panel is crashing and restarting in the background constantly.

To see the control panel crashing, load up a process manager like process hacker, and simply watch AMDRSServ.exe "turn red" which is crashing out, and restarting itself. There is currently no fix for this other than disabling the features causing the crashing, and switching to alternative video software like OBS.

AFAIK, even though this has been going on for the vast majority of 2020, AMD is not officially acknowledging it or making it a priority, much like the black screen issues, which only got acknowledged because the tech review press FORCED them to admit there was a problem.