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Why are there no new drivers for the video card?

Why are there no new drivers for the video card?
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Looks like AMD can't handle black screen issues 


It's too widespread and happens too randomly on too many games, they F'd up real hard, and I doubt they'll be able to fix these in soon, expect those issues to still be present in 2021,

I'm soon gonna get a refund and buy an Nvidia GPU.


I have artifacts in some DX11 games, black screens, friezes in some games, there were no corrections, everything appeared when I switched to adrenaline 2020, there are no artifacts on adrenaline 2019, I’m lucky you, the store doesn’t want me to return. I would also buy NVIdia, by the way I have 1 card from AMD and such a jamb for half a year already.


It's funny how everyone threatens to go to the "other side" when they have issues,Like everything is magically better ..You can read the same things on all the other "teams" forums,Intel,Nvidia ....

Yes it's possible to have issues with Nvidia, the main difference is the RATIO

Nvidia's drivers are alot more stable than AMD's, currently,

you're right, it's not "magically" better, it's better because Nvidia are more competent.


For 7 years there were video cards from nvidia, but I don’t argue there were minor problems, but such as here and not so long, half a year, sorry, this is too much. Moreover, AMD, as I understand it, is not even trying to solve these problems. But in principle, I knew what I was going on, all my life I talked about the problem of AMD drivers, but because I have a  processor of AMD (Works great), I thought it was a fairy tale, but alas.


Been Using AMD(CPU and GPU's) for 20 years with no issues,not even a single CPU or GPU failure. Nvidia...well...The last time I tried one it friend withing half and hour.As for not many driver might wanna go check out there forums,black screen issues as well among others.I also seem to remember when Nvidia released a driver a few years ago knowing outright it was frying there GPUs upon release.We could go on forever back and forth on here and never get anywhere,I am happy with AMD and have been for 20 years,Even My ASUS Strix 5700XT OC works great,even with the "cooler screws to long"issue,no crashes,no black screens and temps are great.


Well I've personally had the exact opposite experience, what's it to you?

For years I've never had a single issue with Nvidia's  drivers, neither have I had issues with AMD RX 400/500 drivers for that matter,

AMD Navi is causing huge issues for me, and ALOT of people on these forums switched to Nvidia to better results, so I'll do the same, not sure why that's an issue, if AMD starts feeling financial problems, then good, let that be a lesson.

Also yes I'm aware of the early Turing Driver issues such as the infamous "XD" artifacting, the RTX 2060 seems to not have as many issues as the higher end models.

22 days later still no update in microstuttering on 1080p 240hz lol this is a joke and you already have my 450 bucks

What does microstuttering mean/looks like in your case? Can you provide MSI afterburner frametime graph?