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Journeyman III

WHY are Radeon Drivers so bad?

Here's the problem... I am using handbrake to transcode a video or playing games on steam wnen suddenly I get a crash, white windows where there were running apps? Its a joke, right? I have a Gigabyte RX580 8Gb card which was by no means cheap and I doubt very much that it is the culprit. By all means every road points to Windows driver support and I have sent several bug reports already in the past few months via athe App interface!

Read on...

I run a dual boot hackintosh and the fact that I NEVER have had this issue or even close on the Mac side indicates to me, confirms even that the Card and chip are just fine! so what have I done lately?

1) Completely serviced the internals and thoroughly creaned the card, fans etc
2) updated the Bios and reset it to defaults
3) Installed/reinstalled the most recent chipset drivers (Asus Rog z370-e gaming)
4) run a registry check and clean
5) Run chkdsk and sfc /scannow... NO ISSUES
6) Run Memtest x86 - PASS! No problems there
7) Installed any remaining optional Windows updates

- Still this problem persists!

It would seem that apart from a regularly failing Graphis environment on WINDOWS I have a perfectly operational and working PC

So **bleep**?

Am I to be force to go out and but an NVidia card now just to run F**king Winblows?? 

Come on ATI - get your act together! (some of those messages seem to point to inaccessible memory adresses

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They are better than they used to be.
Lots of work has gone into trying to make the RX5700XT cards more stable and that also helped RX Vega 64 and 56.
RX580/480 Polaris GPUs were the biggest sellers for AMD, and received by far the most attention w.r.t. stability and bug fixes.

Your RX580 8GB GPU should be about as stable as it gets. 

I own two Gigabyte RX590s - the only 2 slot RX590s I could get.
They were stable enough running games at 2K and 1080p. 
They did not work on Blender properly though, and OpenCL support was useless last time I tested them. 
I should be checking how they perform next week so I will be running them on Adrenalin 2020 20.3.1 drivers.  

Think yourself lucky you did not go through the RX5700XT or Vega 64/56 drivers experience. 

Perhaps your Gigabyte RX580 has problems? 
Gigabyte do not generally do a great job of AMD AIB  GPUs.

Their RX Vega 64 AIB card was particularly bad.