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Why are Polaris GPUs being outperformed by 1050tis in Halo Infinite?

As title states, as of this moment the nvidia GTX 1050ti outperforms ALL Polaris GPUs in Halo Infinite's campaign. This shouldn't be happening seeing as how the 1050ti is far weaker than the RX570/580/470/480. In addition some have noted unusually low power usage in HWINFO64 while running Campaign mode, despite GPU usage being reported as high, and this may not be exclusive to Polaris.

Video for reference

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Journeyman III

Adding to the other performance and stability issues with Halo Infinite campaign with Polaris GPUs, enabling "Async Compute" will cause the GPU usage to fall, cause the game to stutter at random times, and after a few minutes consistently, it will cause the GPU driver to black screen and crash for some reason during campaign gameplay, which is quite a large issue to have with a graphics setting.

ScreenHunter_2029 Dec. 17 12.11.jpg
I only have a Fury on hand but the same thing  happens on Polaris. Will try to get friends who have Polaris GPUs to do the same.