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Why are all the Radeon 530 Adrenalin drivers garbage?

17.7.2 has given me the least problems but the AMD Settings might as well not come with it as there is literally almost nothing you can do with it.

17.9.3 has good AMD Settings but causes the same amount of CPU to be used as GPU, causing insane bottlenecks.

50% decrease in performance, [60FPS 50% GPU 20% CPU] to [30FPS 50% GPU 50% CPU] along with ridiculous lag spikes.

All the 18.x.x drivers break Fortnite and some of them break Overwatch.

Only 18.5.1 works with osu!

None of them work with Unity(personal edition) - there is only a black screen.

I've tried:




18.5.1 - best one overall, but breaks Fortnite(although I can live with that, I would prefer if I could play all my games on this laptop.)


More 18.x.x versions and probably another 17.x.x version

The driver provided by the manufacturer: HP Notebook - 17-bs153cl - Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support

Is there any perfectly working driver???

Edit: The OpenGL optimization makes it worse than the Intel HD 620 which it is supposed to be about 30% faster than(although from what I've seen there is a much wider gap than that when the drivers actually work)

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