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Journeyman III

why AMD 3020e processor performance decreased? and other questions for AMD 3020e

so i have some questions related to amd 3020e.

1. In the past I tried amd adrenaline between version 22.5.1 or 22.5.2, my processor performance decreased or stuck at 1Ghz (around 1.6 Ghz). that I also tried the ryzen processor driver for the laptop. then I tried to reset my laptop by reinstalling new windows so that all the drivers were completely from scratch. my processor is stable again.
Why did it happen?
if there is something wrong with the driver, is there a specific driver for the amd 3020 processor?
because what I see and use is only the driver belonging to amd 3015e.

2. I have reset my laptop and when invited to play games, many games cannot be played except with Pentium 4 or dual core specifications. then also i tried to play playstation 2 games with pcsx2 emulator. some of the games that I play on the emulator are lagging. BUT, when I try to install the adrenaline driver version 22.5.1 which I downloaded specifically for amd 3015e, I can play smoothly on the emulator instead of using the original windows GPU driver.
how come it's that smooth even though there are some games that can't be played?
And why is it that when I try the driver, the performance always goes down by itself as if my laptop is tired or tired?
why is there no driver for amd 3020e so I can play light games stably and not degrade performance even if I play for hours?
and 1 more. when my laptop's performance drops, all I can do is unplug the laptop charger and plug it back in.

note: I always play games while charging to improve performance and I maximize the performance of the mode on the laptop battery by changing it to *Best Performance*

my laptop specs:
Laptop Acer Aspire 3 - A314 - 22 - A5D7
Processor: AMD 3020e
Graphics card: Radeon TM graphics (if I download the adrenaline driver, it changes to Vega 3)
Ram: 16GB - 3200mhz
Storage : NVMe 256GB + HDD 500GB - 7200RPM

if amd will issue a driver for amd 3020e and it's really stable compared to using the amd 3015e driver, maybe my complaints will be less

postscript :
the original driver I mean is the windows GPU driver with version 27.20.11030.11001

and I'm using adrenaline driver version 22.5.1 or 30.0.15021.11005

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