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Journeyman III

Which driver do i need on my MSI X370 SLI PLUS with a Ryzen7 1700 and Win10PRO/64?


I got a MSI X370 SLI PLUS mainboard and a Ryzen7 1700 CPU. I use Win10/64.

MSI offers 2 different chipset drivers:

one for

"Support Raven Ridge CPU. Include AMD SMBus Driver?AMD Graphics Driver."

anotherone for

"Support Bristol Ridge CPU?Summit Ridge CPU?Pinnacle Ridge CPU.

- Include AMD SMBus Driver?AMD Graphics Driver?AMD USB Controller Driver(only WIN7).

- Microsoft Win7 Hotfix installation is required for AMD Chipset Driver to be installed successfully."

Whichone must i choose? Is it OK if i let Win10PRO choose it's drivers without any manuell installation of MSI software?

Best regards


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