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Journeyman III

Which AMD driver do I need to load for Starwars battlefront to play on my windows 8.1 laptop.

I have download all the discs onto my Windows 8.1 laptop for the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate edition game, but get an error message when I try to open it to play.  The message says 'Please update your AMD Radeon Driver.  Detected AMD Radeon driver version 13.251. The required driver version is 15.7 or later'.  However when I log on the AMD website I can't find a version 15.7 or later to download.  Any guidance on which version of AMD driver I should download from the website to enable me to play the game would be very much appreciated (there are so many to choose from!)?  Thanks.

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What is your GPU? Windows 8.1 has not received a driver update since 2017, and you should be using Windows 10.


Not really sure what a GPU is, sorry (Battlefront is the first PC game I have tried to load for my son!). Could it be AMD Radeon HD 7600G (that is showing in the display box when I use the dxdiag tool).

Will look into upgrading to Windows 10 for him.

Thanks for your help.



The 7600G has long since been discontinued, receiving its last update in 2016. This includes Windows 10 as well.

You can download it here: