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Journeyman III

Where has the FPS Cap gone in the new 19.12.3 Patch?

There used to be a fps target controll but is now longer there on the newest Driver 19.12.3

Does Anybody know where I can find this setting?

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Adept III

It is currently missing. Neither 19.12.2 or 19.12.3 have FRTC as an option. I went back to 19.11.2 to get it back as I like using it, but you could try using RTSS (either on its own or with MSI Afterburner) and cap frames this way. It just means that you have to remember to load RTSS each time prior to gaming etc. From what I have read, RTSS is technically better than FRTC in terms of minimising lag, but FRTC is a really convenient feature. I have never liked Chill and don't use it, but FRTC was always great over many AMD card generations for me (Fiji/Polaris/Vega/Navi).