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Journeyman III

Where can I find drivers and software for AMD Radeon HD 7400M?

A few days ago, suddenly stopped loading the system on my laptop and we had to give it to repair. After the repair, it turns out that CCC literally can't see my video card, even though it works. My Catalyst Control Center has lost many features, including custom graphics settings.
There are very few such cases on the Internet, but it was recommended to reinstall the drivers for the video card. However, as it turned out, there are a lot of false drivers and software on the Internet that just break my old video card.
I tried to find the drivers using the automatic detection program, but it gave me an error. Perhaps because the drivers for my card are not listed on the site.
Windows 7, 64-bit system

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First-- the HD7400M sounds like a series of graphics cards. You need to find out which one. You can do that by installing and running GPU-Z...when it opens, click the "Lookup" button and it should tell you exactly which one you have.

Second--You will probably have two graphics chips for switchable graphics and both have to be updated...unless you have a AMD APU. Tell us what your processor is...or Intel graphics if you know it. Laptop graphics update...How to 

Third--Win7 must be fully updated:

** Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 must be fully updated before attempting to install any AMD driver. All 'critical', 'recommended', and 'optional' (no language packs,etc) updates as well as any Service Packs (SP) must be installed before any attempt to install graphics drivers. If you do not get this message .... keep installing until you do:

When I try to install drivers for my AMD 7400m, it gives me a black screen, what should I do?


Which driver did you try and install? How do you know which one without looking it up?

What processor do you have? 

Did you read anything I posted? Is English your native language?

Until you join in and answer some questions..I'm out. Someone else can give it a try.


Driver 15.7.1 and CPU is i5 2410m and no English isn't my native language and also my laptop is ProBook 4730s