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Journeyman III

where are the older versions of the chipset drivers

Like the title says where are the older versions of the cpu chipset drivers?,  Since updating the chipset driver for my mobo   b450  virtually ALL my new games software are either   ctd on loading or freezing upon being loaded,  some give error messages others don't,  however all my older game titles are working perfectly, and i believe the issue is with pixel shaders for dx11/dx12  possibly dx10,  though i'm no expert, but please don't try bluff me by saying it's my hardware etc because i know it's not  OK?,    i have emailed the support services   3 days ago now, and other than a few automated messages i have had nothing,   the site itself has a bugfix tool, which obviously helps the developers, but how does this help me, and isn't the fact it's very existence is proof positive that these drivers are not neccassarily stable and can cause problems, so why remove all trace of any previous version of the these drivers, it doesn't make any sese,  other than intentionlly forcing consumers to do THEIR   testing work......If i now was to reinstall my OS it would be futile because i would need to install these mobo drivers again and the only ones available are the ones i ALREADY know cause my system to become unstable......a system resore?,   and if a user doesn't have or otherwise cannot roll back, what then?,    this policy of removing older drivers from public use is arrogant and malevolent.....and leaving people like me, though no fault of our own , with unuseable systems


or am i wrong?, please tell me why,    ps i don't care for welcome messages from admins i care about resolving this issue which is the fault of  someone else..

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On the driver download page below the current drivers it reads "Previous Drivers" click on that. 

This is a link to that page: