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Adept I

Where are new Windows drivers for the Ryzen V1000 APU?


Your V1000 series Ryzen-based APU series has very old Windows drivers.

I've repeatedly asked for refreshed drivers that include support for Vulkan 1.1.

Please update -- otherwise the V1000 series has minimal commercial value.


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AMD Moderator Deepak mentioned in the last thread you opened in August : Embedded V1000 display driver support?

"Hi allanmac

Just to let you know, I have forwarded your query to the concerned team. Once I get any information on this, I'll share with you."

The only thing I can say is you need to be patient and hope they update the Driver with Vulkan 1.1.  I guess there is no harm in opening a new thread evey 2 or 3 months to let AMD know that you are still waiting.