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Journeyman III

When will Phoenix FINALLY get the supported drivers that it deserves? 7440 7540 7640 7840 7940 RDNA3

Please AMD, Phoenix has been available on the market for 2 months now, but as the only mobile processor (since Raven Ridge in 2017), there are still no drivers available. The models 7440, 7540, 7640, 7840, and 7940 are simply being ignored. This will inevitably lead to more and more dissatisfaction as more and more people will receive their 7840U, 7840HS, and 7940HS in the coming weeks. RDNA3 looked promising, but the fact that there are no official drivers available raises the worst suspicions. Can you provide more explanation as to why these drivers are (still) not available? Thank you.



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Community Manager

We have an existing discussion on this which you can use to provide your feedback and track future updates. Refer to page 2 for the last update in the discussion below. 

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