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Adept I

When will 5700XT HDMI audio be fixed?

I can’t solve this problem with the latest and old drivers
I suspect that the 5000 series, especially the 5700XT, are defective cards at all
Isn't it an exaggeration to have a driving problem for a whole year?
No wonder the market share has been declining
HDMI is a 3C standard specification, this basic thing should not be in a state at all

I have done three tests
My 5700XT is connected to panasonic TV through HDMI
It is normal to transmit to YAMAHA and DENON amplifiers via ARC (Set Bitstream or PCM)

Second test
5700XT HDMI directly connected to the amplifier (PCM encoding)
The sound will be choppy from time to time
Decoder off is constantly displayed on the amplifier, which means the signal is intermittent
I changed to nvdia 1080 and everything is normal

The third test
I put an HDMI repeater between the 5700XT and the amplifier
Sound output is normal

Obviously there is a problem with the PCM encoding of the sound effect setting
This means that 5700XT’s HDMI directly output sound to the machine will cause problems
The signal must be reprocessed through other products (TV, HDMI converter, HDMI repeater)

Now can you tell me whether this is an AMD driver or is there a problem with the hardware or even WINDOWS?
Over the past year, many people in this forum have reported why AMD has not resolved this issue?

If it is not resolved in a day, I will keep telling everyone in various forums and FB communities

Do not touch AMD's graphics card

I bought 2 different 5700XTs and both have this problem

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