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Journeyman III

When using dual screen setup the second screen goes black then back to picture


I had a GTX 1080 Ti before, everything was fine, no problems. Switched to an 7900XT, DDU-ed the drivers, and the problem came up as this:

If I use the second screen, which is a 4K 60Hz TV, whenever I hover my cursor back and forth from my main monitor to the TV, the tv goes black for 1-2 sec then come back with normal picture. Found out that someone had similar problem before, and HDCP disabling worked for that guy, but for me, not. When I change my main monitor's refresh rate to 60hz from 165, the problem is gone, but thats not a solution, to always change it if I use the second screen.

The other problem thats arise, is that if the monitor is in sleep(the main one), the vga wakes it up just to display "no signal" then goes back to sleep for 2 minutes, then restarts this cycle. 

The setup i have is:

Screen 1(HDMI 1): Benq mobiuz EX240 

Screen 2(HDMI2): LG 4k 60Hz TV 

Motherboard: MSI B550 Gaming Carbon

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 4.4Ghz

RAM: 4x8 GB Trident Z 3600mhz CL18

VGA: Radeon 7900XT 

PSU: Seasonic Focus plus 850W

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