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Adept I

When is HDMI 2.1 VRR support coming?

Nvida has announced that they are supporting HDMI 2.1 VRR in a future driver update. I would have never guessed that Nvidia would support it before AMD could release drivers to support it. With that being said, is there any news on this subject? There are  a lot of LG 2019 tv owners that will be able to essentially use freesync over HDMI 2.1 before by using an Nvidia graphics card and not an AMD one...

LG plugs NVIDIA G-Sync into its 2019 OLED TVs 

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Adept I

AMD, where are we with HDMI VRR 2.1 feature support mentioned in 2018? LG and NVidia enabled G-Sync Compatible over HDMI today in driver 441.08, non beta. 

I want to know an RX 5700 XT will work with my LG C9 HDMI VRR capable TV. Please update us.

Yep, im getting close just grabbing a 2060 or 2070 super.. Ideally I can just hold on to my vega 56 and upgrade to hdmi 2.1 cards, but AMD is dragging their feet here.

Too late, went and grabbed a geforce 2070 super.

Yep, will be switching over to Nvidia soon if this isn't resolved.

You literally announced support for this via a software update over a year ago.

I bought an LGC9 specifically because it was basically the best gaming TV ever and instead I'm dealing with tearing and frame pacing issues because of AMD and AMD alone.

Cannot believe Nvidia beat you to this.

Adept I

Well the 2020 Adrenalin Drivers dropped today and I was hoping we would have HDMI VRR support. Is this something we can get AMD to recognize and add to their feature voting list? I have a 5700 XT and an LG C9 and I can't use VRR still.

Honestly, I hope they already know this is a priority with Nvidia dropping the update for it. So silly Nvidia has the feature before AMD when AMD made a statement in JANUARY 2018 that they are going to implement it in a driver update. 

Adept II

Yes I agree totally I also have  c9 and a vega 56, really sucks AMD dropping the ball on this.

Journeyman III

Is this topic already dead? Are there any updates?

Adept I

Also want to chip in here... lg tv and now a new graphicscard is needed... what is the actual point of supporting it AMD?

Adept I


Same question. Having my LG C9 4K TV here and would like to get Freesync support. I have a Vega64.
I can't believe AMD still has not implement the VRR support in their drivers, especially when they advertized it over a year ago! What a lazy company!

Adept I

I bought a Radeon RX5700XT believing i would be able to use it with a LG OLED tv using freesync/vrr, it appears however this is not possible. AMD has been notably quiet about this. Since AMD helped develop the VRR standard and has already implemented it in their chips for XBOX consoles, AMD should have all the knowledge they need to implement this on their graphics cards as well.

AMD and RTG in particular. Please give us an update on the status of this. Is it even still being worked on?

Journeyman III

Cables boys check ur cables old hdmi cables dont cut it above 30hz if ur lucky most old are 25.9hz  at 4k 1.4 is better bout 30hz but 2.0/2.1 cables heaps 60hz+ capable or better ive had nil issues with my 5700xt tearing at 4k since getting decent cables before the cable swap the tearing was unbearable i was of the same oppinion and furious over this before i discovered about cables  im glad i didnot jump ship and buy a nvdia card as the 5700xt is very capable of 4k avg 60 and honestly very competive with a 2070s for half the price. I hope this helps also check the monitor display settings as sometimes mines goes back to 30 after a reboot to remedy simply unplug n replug hdmi n presto 60 again but check its set in display settings

Adept I

I already have full HDMI 2.1/48Gbps cables. So my display is ready (2.1 HDMI, 48Gbps on all 4 HDMI ports, and supports VRR and 120hz), my cables are ready, but my video card is not.

The video card can still be HDMI 2.0B but implement 2.1 VRR. That is how Nvidia cards are doing so right now with VRR over HDMI.