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Journeyman III

When I play a specific game it asks for Atiumdva.dll file.

I read up on it and it says that this doesn't come with AMD products anymore but the problem is that the game used to run perfectly fine before.  How do I fix this?  I recently tried updating my graphics driver but unfortunately nothing above 15.7.1 should be able to work on this pc.  When I installed 17.1 it did work, however it ran at a very low framerate and soon after my entire pc started having problems. 

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Please post your computer specs according to AMD Forum rule : INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION .

Does this problem only occur with a specific game (Which game, by the way) or in general with all games.

What AMD Video Card do you have installed? Need to do as the link above asks for so that others will be able to assist you.