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When can we expect a new release after ver 22.11.2

Are the s/w developer team busy with the new RX 7000 series graphics, so they can't work with the older graphics cards?
There have not been a new driver release after 12/8/2022 Adrenalin ver. 22.11.2 (more than six weeks), and there are still several known issues stated on the release notes.

I have an ASUS TUF Gaming Radeon RX 6900 XT OC and I would like to have some of the problems fixed.
Meanwhile after dec 2022 new drivers have been released at least 3 times for the RX 7000 series.

Best regards from Sweden

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Well if you read the release notes on all the previous versions you'd see that they are pokey slow about addressing problems.  It took them the better part of last year to fix the aiming overlay in world of warships after they broke it.

If you're having a specific issue then use the bug reporting tool and provide compelling evidence.