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Adept II

When Can I Expect A Driver Update For My RX 570?

Hi there

when will the new update come? normally its between every 2 weeks or so? but now since adrenaline i got much more bugs en problems with my graphics card i cant handle it no more!

CPU: Ryzen 1600x

GPU RX 570 8GB

RAM 16GB Corsair Vengeance

Latest Windows 10

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3 Replies

Go back to a stable version of drivers until the next update. Let them take their time to get it right.


I use 17.10.2. It works ok at least.


I lost faith in AMD a while back, i'l also stuck on 17.10.2 as I get system hangs with all recent drivers when stopping movie playback, mainly in 3D MVC, but I was also getting random hangs where I get a black screen, fans and disk still spinning but no access, nothing in events, no memory dump or minidump, nothing to go on.

I think some of these issues are AMD drivers not playing well with win10 creators update and exclusive mode.