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Journeyman III

When can I enjoy my video card on Ubuntu 18.04.4?

Good day to you all.

I would like to know if there are drivers for Ubuntu 18.04.4.

A few days ago I updated Ubuntu and almost lost my workstation only because AMD doesn't have drivers that work with Ubuntu 18.04.4.

What solutions are there other than reinstalling the operating system on Ubuntu 10.04.3?

Thank you and I look forward to a good answer please

PD: I have an RX470 video card

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Community Manager

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AMD's Ubuntu version 18.04.03 Driver is not compatible with Ubuntu version 18.04.4? 

Just asking, not a Linux User.

This driver can only be compiled normally on Ubuntu kernel 5.0. Later versions will fail to compile and fail to run. However the default kernel of Ubuntu 18.04.4 is 5.3.

As I didn't know, I tried to install the drivers after upgrading to version 18.04.4 because I noticed that the graphical performance on the desktop was substantially reduced.

The fact that I didn't pay attention to the requirements almost cost me the operating system and with it my job.

I consider it very irresponsible of AMD not to put some kind of alert at the moment of installing the driver, something that warns you about this problem.

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Community Manager

We have released a preview driver here which you can use.