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Journeyman III

When AMD ReLive is ENABLED I get mouse lag ingame.

Whenever I have  AMD ReLive enabled so that I could either record live or past gameplay my mouse input in let's say CS:GO seems delayed.

As soon as I turn it off and open the game my mouse input is fine. 

Version: 17.12.2

(This didn't happen a couple updates ago but I'm not sure what update caused it.)

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I have the same issue . It started to happen since i updated to Adrenalin (since 17.12.1) while before it was just fine (i was using 17.11.4 before updating).

Journeyman III

If you're experiencing mouse lag in-game when AMD ReLive is enabled, there are a few potential solutions you can try to resolve the issue.First, ensure that you have the latest graphics drivers installed for your AMD GPU. Outdated drivers can sometimes cause compatibility issues and lead to performance problems. Visit the AMD website and download the latest drivers specific to your graphics card model.Next, check the settings within AMD ReLive. Open the AMD Radeon Software, go to the ReLive tab, and make sure that the recording feature is optimized for performance rather than quality. Lowering the recording resolution and frame rate can alleviate the strain on your system resources and reduce the chances of input lag.If the problem persists, try adjusting the settings within the game itself. Look for options related to mouse sensitivity, mouse acceleration, or any settings that may affect input lag. Experiment with different settings to find the combination that provides the smoothest mouse movement.It's also worth noting that some games have built-in features that conflict with AMD ReLive. Check the game's settings or options menu for any recording or streaming options and disable them if present.If none of these steps resolve the issue, you may need to contact AMD support for further assistance. They can provide specific troubleshooting steps or help you diagnose any underlying hardware or software conflicts that may be causing the mouse lag when AMD ReLive is enabled.Overall, optimizing graphics drivers, adjusting AMD ReLive settings, and tweaking in-game options should help alleviate mouse lag and provide a smoother gaming experience when using AMD ReLive.

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Use latest edge browser go to edge settings performance and system. Select hardware acceleration enable it. Go to windows mouse settings see if you can enable hardware accelerated mouse cursor

I also recommend you try with VSYNC enabled and disabled and with ENHANCED SYNC enabled or disabled and see if that fixes it.

Your FPS or monitor hz refresh rate might be something dumb like 144 and youre recording in 60 or 30 .. and it doesnt divide well and requires Vsync buffering to try and compensate but thats not perfect either. Set your refresh rate to 60 or 120hz for your display so its an even division or use FPS WAY higher so that mins lows of frames never drop below 144hz. 

You can also test in edge://flags if theres something that may help.

Furthering that ensure you configured your adrenaline overlay correctly toggle each of the advanced global graphics to max for everything 8xEQsupersampling and 64xtessellation and so on.. 16xforced aniso .. use them all and override them AA and tessellation just uhh dont use morphological. Use 10bitdisplay panel out put.. try toggling your HDR that might be the issue. but it could be you maxed your bandwidth. try 720p or 1080p and work upwards. check active signal and desktop signal both match in windows display adaptor info under advanced graphics.. and are set to what your card can DO especially with 10bit or 12bit or RGB 444 or 420. know your device and display. 

You could consider trying my config file for AMD CPU's and AMD GPUs together. its not really recommended if you use just one AMD part and not the whole system as it requires a real computer and its also a latency thing.

bit like previous.rar ~ pixeldrain

disable other overlays like even the steam overlay being switched off may fix it. Just copy in a dozen of the .ini file is what i do.. but 1-4 might help you fine. whatever you think looks and runs best while gaming.. i've a 5700xt and ryzen 5700G. you may need a code editor or windows app store free trial EMeditor64 to view/edit the text file .ini its actually zipped in a .RAR archive file compressed so get free trial winrar or use 7zip or whatever you got that handles RAR files to open it. If it wants you to download an .exe file thats not my file dont do it. you maybe need to right click save as.

The most obvious choice would be to enable DXVA2 and /HW H/W hardwarevideo decoding/encoding video acceleration.. but to do that you'd have to type a bunch of stuff for AMD specific into a config.ini named text file.. like AVX AV2 AV1 H266 and AMF and DIRECTML and countless other things like smartaccessvideo.. so give my config file a go first. see if it helps any. I've even enabled a bit more threads and multicore stuff sort of... those dont really work for anyone coz microsoft sux third world wangs to sell fake hardware.

Check what your windows gaming DVR recording and capture settings are set to high ensure AMD relive bitrate is high and the codec is HEVC you get about 4x quality at half the filesize or something with HEVC vs AVC. Nvidia and intel cant HEVC ever at all and fake hardware support for it so they tell u not to publish with it.. but it was invented by AMD in the 70's and its like comes with encoding HEVC on RELIVE with the AMD GPU so its meant to be used in such a way.. and anything u upload to youtube has youtube owned by google codecs from google called VP9 they re-encode to anyway.. As long as you arent SELLING it commercially like a bluray disc or a netflix or something.. if youtube sells it im sure theyre licensed for HEVC and to distribute in that format so go nuts.

Also make certain you dont have other apps or software with other capturing stuff going on as that could do it too. Lastly if your mouse  has any software from its manufacturer throw that in too, try your mouse in a front or rear port or the fastest port on your mainboard too. and consider newer or better USB drivers or ones from mainboard CD..


Journeyman III

If you are experiencing mouse lag in games when AMD ReLive is enabled, it could be due to various factors. Here are a few potential solutions to try:

  1. Update Graphics Drivers: Ensure that you have the latest graphics drivers installed for your AMD GPU. Outdated drivers can sometimes cause compatibility issues and performance problems. Visit the AMD website or use their driver update software to download and install the latest drivers for your specific GPU model.

  2. Adjust AMD ReLive Settings: Within the AMD Radeon software, navigate to the ReLive settings and experiment with different configurations to see if any specific settings are causing the mouse lag. Try disabling certain features, reducing the recording quality or resolution, or adjusting the frame rate settings. You can also try enabling "Game Mode" or "Compatibility Mode" within the ReLive settings.

  3. Disable Background Recording: If you are using AMD ReLive to record gameplay in the background while gaming, try disabling the background recording feature. Background recording can consume system resources, potentially leading to performance issues and mouse lag. Instead, manually start and stop the recording when needed.

  4. Adjust In-Game Settings: Check the graphics settings within your games and ensure that they are optimized for performance. Lowering graphics settings, such as resolution, texture quality, anti-aliasing, or shadows, can help alleviate the load on your GPU and potentially reduce mouse lag.

  5. Disable Other Overlay Software: If you have other overlay software or recording/streaming tools running alongside AMD ReLive, try disabling or exiting them. Conflicting overlays or software can sometimes cause performance issues and mouse lag.