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Journeyman III

What's with support for RX 6000 series?


I've been noticing that there's secondary release of new drivers for new RX 7900, yet latest for RX 6900 was from November. I'm reading and hearing complains about these drivers but whatever - works for me and as I'm not much of a gamer... don't care.

My question is what's really happening with support to those not old GPUs? Is there something in the works or somehow I missed information about EOS/EOL for that model??

Thanks and cheers,

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Adept II

This is just my opinion, but since AMD does very little in the way interacting with their community or customers, i think 6000 series will see quarterly updates, but 7000 series will be the only only cards to get monthly up dates. And when the 8000 whatever's are release the 7's will bump the 6's and the 6000 will be moved to legacy. 

Just my worst case scenario playing out in my head. Because i really don't get the impression AMD gives two f's about the graphics card business anymore. 

Volunteer Moderator

I'm not certain, but if I were to guess, the driver team is working on the new GPUs since there are now recent WHQL drivers for the previous generation. All of this while they figure out how to make drivers that work for all of the supported architectures in one driver.

The RX 7000 cards need specific drivers for now because the architecture is so different from the RX 6000 series. 

This is all just speculation. I am not informed on how these things work, but if it were up to me and I were resource limited when it comes to people to work on the driver team, this is how I would make it all happen.

I do know drivers are worked on months before the release date. Hopefully we see some new drivers soon because there are quite a few games that have launched since the 22.11.2 WHQL drivers were released.

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Adept I

My opinion is that rx 7000 series have many problems than previous generations, so they try to fix the situation with focus on new drivers.


I'm actually having good luck with my 6950xt and the 22.11.2 driver (now that I know to uninstall the AMD USB devices in Device Manager each time).