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Journeyman III

What parameters does AMD ReLive use when livestreaming ??

Hi everyone !

I need to know what settings (I am not talking about the ones we can access in the Adrenaline software) AMD ReLive uses when we livestream.

I have a 6800XT w/ 5800X3D; no matter what settings I use in OBS, and thrust me I have tried probably every configurations possible, the quality NEVER matches the one from when I'm using AMD ReLive, and even then the quality is never satisfying (1440p60 streams, about 25 mbps. My internet goes to 50 mbps upload and I'm on wired connection, but when I go above 25-28 I get errors from youtube, sometimes it lags, sometimes the image becomes blurry like its 2005 again...) I can share a link to my latest livestream to give you an idea of the quality, didn't want to share it right away to prevent "self promotion" lol.

I need to know the "under the hood" settings, not the ones we have access. Where can I find this info ? ..I'd like to know the parameters, encoder type (we can only choose when recording, not streaming), and such...

Thanks in advance for any info you might have, have a great day.

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