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Adept I

What is the newest version of Crimson software? Adrenalin software gives mouse lag.

I have tried several Adrenalin software's and every one of them gives mouse lag and erratic performance.

I have tried 2 versions of Crimson software's and they both work. I also tried the manual selection and it suggests the Adrenalin software which I am having a problem with.

What is the difference between Crimson and Adrenalin?


AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
Dell Inspiron 3541 Laptop
Windows 10 Pro 64bit 2004
Radeon Software Adrenalin-2020-20.2.2
DDC Display - EDP (AMD Radeon(TM)R4 Graphics)
Dell Inspiron 3541 Motherboard Bios Version A07
AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
Can't find Power supply model on laptop

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After clean install of version 19.12.1 I was greeted with the same erratic mouse pointer and performance.


try a different mouse


I don't believe it is a mouse problem because when uninstalling then after the screen goes blank then comes back the mouse behaves correctly.

If I uninstall the software completely there is no mouse problems. If I use Crimson software there is no mouse problems but when I use Adrenalin software there are all kinds of problems.

I read somewhere people have had luck with disabling HDCP and I noticed it is disabled in Crimson but HDCP setting is nowhere to be found in Adrenalin so I assume it is on and cannot be turned off.

The way I feel now is my next purchases are not going to have AMD graphics.


HDCP has nothing to do with the mouse, its simply a secure link from the card to the LCD.

DDU can clean up the driver mess to some extent but if you continue to have problems you may need to reset windows


I can't imagine HDCP has any effect on the mouse but if you want to turn it off the setting is in the following location in the Adrenalin software.

Settings > Display > Overrides.

Have you tried installing the drivers without the Adrenalin software?


As I recall in the versions of Adrenalin I used I could not find Overrides like in the YouTube videos I saw.

How do I install drivers without Adrenalin software?


Go to add or remove programs

Find AMD software click on it and uninstall.

restart computer.

Open device manager

Find your graphics card.

Right click your graphics card and select install drivers

Select browse my computer for drivers.

Set the browse location to C:\AMD\AMD_Radeon_Installer_20.8.1 ( or whichever version you want to install)

Make sure include sub folders option is ticked.

Then click next.

This will install just the drives without the Adrenalin software.

Every driver version you have previously installed should be in the C:\AMD folder.


I found out how to install just the drivers, tried it and after installation it was back to the mouse lag and erratic performance.

So now it seems the problem is with the drivers in any of the Adrenalins.


That unfortunate.

Maybe see if Dell has graphics drivers for your laptop.


"WHQL-Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-17.4.4-May3" seems to be working for me. I'll just stick with it.

I thought I could get the newest drivers from AMD. I was wrong. Their configurator website points me to drivers which mess up the computer.