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Adept I

What is a smooth Ryzen 7 5700G video driver installation supposed to look like on a new build?

Is there any sort of best practices for installing new graphics drivers?

I'm currently awaiting a replacement for the 5700G I bought for a new build. The first APU kept crashing during video driver installation. I spent a few days painstakingly troubleshooting the issue, as apparently there is no utility like Memtest86+ for directly testing APU graphics hardware. (Please let me know if I'm mistaken and there is one!)

Do the steps below look correct? Until now my system has been losing display signal to the point of needed OS repair at step 5.

  1. Install OS.
  2. (*Windows 10 only: On first boot to desktop after install, disable auto-driver updating by immediately enabling Airplane mode as first action. Otherwise Windows-selected/unoptimized video drivers will be automatically downloaded and installed in the background.)
  3. Install the proper version of the APU driver as found on AMD > Ryzen™ 7 5700G > Drivers & Support
  4. Screen will flick off as old drivers dropped...
  5. ...and back on, as new drivers are enabled.
  6. Confirm install, reboot if necessary.
  7. New video drivers should work, enjoy.
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