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Journeyman III

What are the settings in the Q3 radeon Pro software for crossfire

I downloaded the radeon pro Enterprise software for the Firepro w7100 video cards. I have 2 W7100's in my system but I don't see the crossfire toggle that was in previous releases. Is crossfire supported in the newer versions of the software or do I have to install an older version to get the crossfire option?

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First, I know nothing about FirePro cards...but, some of the settings that were in the AMD control panel have been moved to Microsoft control and can be found in your computer Display options/graphics. Just a thought


AMD have put DX11 CrossFire in the Dumpster Truck.
However at least you might still have DX11 Crossfire Profiles in that Driver for your Radeon Pro Cards and you clearly get the choice of which GPU to pair in Crossfire (MGPU VR Combination). 

They are not available if you run that Driver on a Radeon GPU (Example RX Vega Cards). You get no choice which GPUs to Crossfire.You get no CrossFire Profile. You only get the new Radeon Adrenalin 2020 GUI/UI and that has none of those options available.