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Adept I

Weird triple screen monitor gestion - 6900 XT Radeon founders

Hi guys,


After 3 weeks of bugs and many problems with my new GPU, still got many problems. 
I'm simracer, Playing on ACC, AC and Dirt. 
Recently, i bought triple screen monitor MSI 32" WHQD and 165hz. 
Since, my old 1070ti is on its knee and tired with this setup ... it make sense.

Fan of AMD since years, i finally bought an 6900XT. Great ... but no : 

1) First, many problems for installation and running it. After new fresh installation of W11 on Nvme. Make DDU and proper drivers installation. Connect with two separates cables on PSU (Corsair 850 gold). All Drivers and programs and W11 up to date. I have some artefact when i play ACC ... need to apply automatic downclocking on AMD drivers ... and lost +/- 20fps. 


2) Impossible to set Bezel correction. No longer exist in the Eyefinity pro tools configuration ... more and more simple in Nvdia surrond. 

Need your help guys ... 


PS : Sorry for my english ... i'm french native speaker. 

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Don't feel bad.  I had similar problems with an AMD card.  I hate to say these words here on the AMD site, but I had to go to a RTX 3050 to run 3 monitors reliably.  I updated every bit of software I could (Driver, BIOS, windows, game patches etc.) and it never helped.  Running 2 monitors it worked just fine but I always had trouble with 3.

Wish I had better advice, but I spent years working on this.  First with an RX 580 and ending with an RX 5700 XT before I tried a 3050.  Not sure if they anticipate 3 monitors or expect 3 monitors for gaming when setting up their cards.  When I pushed the 580 to 4K it would blank out monitors randomly and turn one off and run with just 2 monitors.  It acted really strange, and I found it was some temperature issues causing it to throttle down and turn off 1 monitor. 

I would love to have the benefit of a true AMD system but unfortunately had to switch.  

Yes, i have the same probleme too ... 
Sometimes, but not all the times, i have a monitor switch off. Need to unplug and connect the cable again ... 
Don't understand. 

I love AMD. I think to upgrade to the 5800X3D in few month. But i'm sad than the 6900xt with this price don't work perfectly ... 

I don't want to sell it for a 3080. But if don't find a solution, no choice.


Anyone else to help me ? 

Journeyman III


I have also a triple screen setup for ACC (et je suis français aussi ^^) and i had similar problems :

1) The artefacts in my case was just the fact that i had the Vsync and the fps limit enabled in the game in the same time. For some reason it's generate that weired effect. The fps limit is not usefull because the Vsync is already limiting the fps at the maximal refresh rate of your monitors. So if that's also your case, keep the vsync on and just disable the fps limit.

2) I personally don't use the bezel correction but you can still set some offsets for horizontal and vertical correction in the eyefinity PRO configuration tool (C:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\CNext\EyefinityPro.exe). You can individualy set offsets in the "display properties" card that appear When you select each screen. And then you have three options:

  • Fill — Fills the entire area of each display with its own portion of the desktop. Depending on the resolution being used, this may cause the desktop to appear stretched on some of the displays.    

  • Fit — Shows the entire desktop across all displays without cropping or stretching the desktop.  This may cause certain areas of the displays to appear blank.

  • Expand — Resizes the Desktop to the height of the tallest display. This may lead to portions of the Desktop, including the Windows® Start menu and taskbar to appear cropped or missing on some of the displays.

3) An other common problem, the random black screens, can happen when the freesync is enabled on your screens in the driver. Still don't know if it's a problem of some monitors while doing the VRR or an AMD driver problem in the case of triple screens in eyefinity mode (weirdly i only saw it in that case). But if it's really a driver problem it is present for more than 3 years and still not solved...

Hi ! 

Thanks for your precious response. Really helpful.
(Par contre j'ai le français comme langue maternelle mais je suis Belge ;p)

1) You confirm my first idea ... AMD drivers are not functional. No normaly have to disable all function of drivers : need to disable Vsync, need to downclock for run. 

2) And worse ... i'ts up to you to find a hidden tool to set Bezel correction.

I'm a real AMD fan and my next CPU will be a 5800x 3D. But sadly, I think than Ill sell my 6900xt to switch to Nvida.

Anyway. Thank et merci beaucoup for your help and for your response