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Journeyman III

Weird system crash with new drivers


After 20.5.1 and newer drivers (WDDM 2.7 ones) whenever I try to update my network adapter, Windows just crashes without BSOD or any error, just hangs. Reset button does nothing and need to kill completely with power button.

I thought it could be OS problem and try 20H2,2004,1909,1903,1809.. but it wasn't.

Then I tried old drivers and revert to 20.4.2 (in win10 2004) and there is no crashes.

It's not PSU or CPU or OS fault, it is driver fault and I don't know why new drivers don't like my Vega64.

I could be the only one has this weird bug in the entire planet. Please help.

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You are not the first to report this but I have not seen anyone with any fix beyond returning to a previous driver. So that is all I can suggest. Maybe another user will be able to offer different advice. 

Do report this to AMD as the more reports they get the more likely of a quicker fix: