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Journeyman III

weird resolution 1280x1024 at 75hz on LG Ultrawide

Hi, I have a XFX 5700XT and a LG 34UC79G 34" Ultra Wide Display with a resolution of 2560x1080.
After installing the 2020 20.2.2-mar5 driver my screen was maxed out at 1280x1024 and 75hz. 

I could only change it when I re-install the driver. After a reboot it was back to this weird resolution.

I DDU´d in safe mode, installed new without i-net connection, installed / deleted monitor driver etc. Nothing helped.

Resolution (in case somebody has the same problem)

check the on screen menu of the monitor. In "General" you have a setting called DisplayPort 1.2 (Enabled / Disabled) I switched it to off and it worked again...  

I´m back at 2560x1080 at 144hz.

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