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Journeyman III

Weird issue only effecting sea of thieves

I have a 5700xt that has no issues with any games at all except sea of thieves. It started about 6 months ago where the game would suddenly cause a driver crash. After lots of testing I figured out it seems to be related to the storm in the game. I only stream on twitch but it happens whether I'm streaming or not. A few days ago I streamed for over 4 hours doing nothing near a storm and after we were done and ready to end for the day we went to the storm. Within a minute or two my gpu driver crashed like usual. I've tried different drivers starting with ones released before the issue started and all the way up to the newest. I've used ddu and the amd cleanup app when trying different drivers nothing has helped. I talked to amd support today and they had me clear my shader cache and I did that rebooted and started testing the game. Once again once I got to the storm within a few minutes of being in the storm my gpu driver crashed again. Since it's only happening in this game I've tested both the windows store version and steam both have the same exact issue. I've uninstalled reinstalled several times but still nothing helps. I can play cyberpunk 2077, apex legends and many other games for hours on end without a single issue. I'm hoping maybe someone in the community can think of something I've missed besides just reinstalling windows because I really don't want to do that since it's only one game having the issue. I've also reached out to the dev's and they haven't been any help at all. Thanks for any help guys!!!

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Adept I

Re: Weird issue only effecting sea of thieves

Dunno much about your setup. But I've had crashes in multiple games and on many drivers. Some cope better than others depending on the game. 

Suggesting you to try DDUing and installing only the driver of one of the latest.  Install Afterburner and limit it, because default tries to ramp up constantly until it breaks. 

But you said it's specific part of the game(storm). maybe it's a windows update that F'd it up. Restore if you have. Temp folders, registry, dx cache and using CCleaner like stuff.

I gave up on AMD's software and DDU'd for millionth time and let windows decide. Acceptable performance and almost nonexistent driver related crashes (26.20.13002.133 = 19.8.1). In hope, I will waste my time and test every driver AMD releases until I go back to Nvidia.