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Journeyman III

Weird display bug and graphics adapter not detected

2 things:

1. I own a 6900XT and 6700XT and a Valve Index VR headset. When I install the Index onto either card after a fresh driver reinstall (using DDU), I can play my VR games no problem. But, if I restart my PC, and I try and load certain non-VR games, they will not load at all, stating "No compatible graphics adapter." (Examples of these games are MWII 2022, Overwatch 2, GTA boots but is broken, Black Ops 1, with much of my library untested). This is on the latest driver (22.11.2). It happens for both cards and can be easily repeated. I have already filled out a bug report for this, but it seems to have gone unnoticed for months now, so I'm re-adding it here. For now, my solution is to use both my 6700XT and 6900XT at the same time, one for VR, the other for non-VR games. However, I do not like this solution, and would like a fix.

2. Just yesterday I noticed some weird artifacting over certain animations in Visual Studio and also when I tried to play a local video on my PC. It seems like a light-blue overlay is being applied, but only for as long as the video UI is active. Once it's gone, then the video goes back to normal. I don't quite know the forum rules on pictures/links, so I will provide those only as requested. AFAIK, it started when I DDU'ed my drivers and put in my 6700XT by itself for testing. It is currently happening quite frequently on my current setup with my dual GPUs.


Some extra details about my setup:

Ryzen 7 5800x (undervolted, heavily tested for stability)

32GB DDR4 3466 CL16

ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wi-Fi

XFX RX 6900XT Speedster Merc 319 in top X16 slot (currently undervolted and downclocked since its slammed against the back of the 6900XT, removing undervolt fixes neither issue)

AMD Radeon RX 6700XT Reference in bottom X16 slot (currently undervolted and downclocked since its slammed against the bottom of my case, removing undervolt fixes neither issue)

Drive with VS and videos is WD Blue SN550.


Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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Journeyman III

Update: the newest driver version (23.2.1) has fixed my issues with blue overlays, which I had earlier on in the day, noticed was on my browser window if hardware acceleration was on (previously off). My issue with my VR headset is still not fixed however.