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Drivers & Software


we need a driver for Vampyr

Describe your system:

  • AMD Graphics Card
  • Desktop or Laptop System
    • Desktop
  • Operating System
    • Windows 10 64 bit Version: 1803 Build: 17134.112
  • Driver version installed
    • AMD Radeon Software Crimson Relive 18.5.2
  • Display Devices
    • Samsung TV 40” UN40EH6030FXZX 1920X1080 @60Hz connected via HDMI
  • Motherboard: + Bios Revision
    • Asus M5A78L-MLX3  Bios: 16Mb Flash ROM,AMI BIOS,PnP,DMI V2.0,WfM2.0,ACPI V2.0a,SM BIOS 2.7
    • FX 6350
  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
    • Evga Supernova 750 G2 80+ Gold 750w
  • RAM
    • 12GB

Describe your issue:

the game has a lot issues , when i use some skills of the characters, my game crash and i have fps drops at the hospital,

please do new driver with support Vampyr

4 Replies

No, you need to wait for the game to be fixed by the developer. From SegmentNext:

There is also a level of unevenness that extends to spotty framerate, clunky animations, stiff movements, bland textures, occasional clipping as well as in-game assets. Whereas certain main characters are afforded decent amount of detail, rest of the NPCs feature fairly unimpressive character models, which are constantly zoomed-in and given a lot of on-camera real-estate during conversations and other player interactions.

but nvidia have a special driver for Vampyr, why AMD doesn't do a driver for this game??


Because if you read the Steam forums, people with nVidia cards even with the supposedly "game ready drivers" are having the same issues you are complaining about, specifically stuttering and low FPS around the hospital. It's a new release game with bugs the developer needs to patch out, drivers are not a silver bullet cure-all.

Also, your system doesn't meet the recommended specs for 1920x1080, as the R9 390 is over twice as fast as the RX 460 and the Ryzen 1600 is near 40% faster per core than the FX-6350, and -barely- meets the minimum graphics requirement, and technically doesn't because the R9 370 is -slightly- (5%) faster than your RX 460, though in practice +/- 5% is about the performance variance of any piece of hardware.


i have good fps, 40 fps with hig settings and fxaa 2, and 100% resolution scale(1080p),in all part of the map, only i have issues when i try use skills of the vampyr, the game crash, automatically the game close,low fps and stuttering at the hospital,I'm very sorry that you do not help me in anything, you dont know if the game runs good for me, please dont speak about you dont know,and yes the game need more optimization from the developers, but also special driver from amd