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Adept II

Wattman Windows 10 Creators Fall Update

Hi there,

I am looking for help. PC was 100% before Windows 10 Creators Fall update. Since installation of this update, every day or other day I am experiencing a hardlock. When I get into windows it reports that Wattman crashed and has been reset to defaults. The thing is, I do not overclock, so Wattman is at default settings to start with.

I have done a DDU uninstall of gfx drivers, rebooted and installed 18.3.2. I did not accept the ToC for using Wattman, so in effect it should be turned off, but still getting a hardlock.

I have proceeded to installed the Asus gfx tweek utility to try and control/regulate the gfx card (a Asus RX 470 4GB), but still getting a hardlock and error from Wattman

It appears that the wattman defaults are the thing causing the problem.

Is there any way to uninstall Wattman? Or can someone provide Stock settings for Wattman for a RX 470 with no overclock or provide a profile of these settings for me to try. I do not want to play with these settings myself as it runs the risk of damaging the card. I want stock settings.

AMD Graphics Card

Asus RX 470 4GB

Desktop or Laptop System


Operating System

Windows 10 x64 Pro

Driver version installed


Display Devices

HDMI -> Sony Brava 43" TV

DVI -> Iiyama Prolite E435S

Motherboard + Bios Revision

Gigabyte 990X-Gaming SLI - BIOS F1


AMD FX 8350

Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage

Corsair CX750M



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Re: Wattman Windows 10 Creators Fall Update

Even though you didn't activate Wattman, seems like some parts of it runs in the background and is used by the Graphic's driver.

It is known that many people have issues when they use 3rd party Graphics controllers like MSI Afterburner or Asus Tweak II. They have shown to have some  incompatibilities with Wattman even if Wattman is not installed. AMD Forum generally suggests to uninstall all 3rd party Graphic controller software.

You might try updating the Chipset (2018) for the SB990 Motherboard from AMD Support: Previous AMD Chipset Drivers ..

There also is a newer BIOS - F2 -5/19/2016 for your Motherboard. But it is mainly to do with the Motherboard's Killer LAN feature. Don't know if the new BIOS involves other updates to the motherboard besides the LAN feature.

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Adept II

Re: Wattman Windows 10 Creators Fall Update

I installed the Asus software to try and solve the problem. I see what your saying, but it wont solve the underlining issue.

I am downloading the drivers and see what happens. PC is tied up for about another hour before I can install the drivers. Addional, I found a site that lists the driver version for the SBS990 chipset driver in that package. It is I hvae located the driver in my device manager and it is also So as far as I can tell, I am running current drivers. It is something I do as habbit for all devices every 2 months if I dont get update notifications. Just run up the chipset installer. All chipset drivers were already uptodate. No need to install.

I also when you said the BIOS info, it made me realise I put the wrong motherboard details. I have now corrected that as the motherboard only has one BIOS atm. The Motherboards is a Gigabyte 990X-Gaming SLI. There is no BIOS update at this time.

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