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Adept III

Wattman STILL randomly applies a CPU overclock

Cannot believe this is still happening, but here we go (again)

Wattman will - on occasion - apply a CPU overclock to Ryzen 5000 (maybe 3000 too) CPU's upon applying settings/profiles, which will force restart the PC and change PBO settings in BIOS.

This is completely random behaviour; just the other day I was messing around in wattman just fine, but today it decides it wants to do this instead. 

This makes zero sense on two fronts.
1. I am applying a Wattman profile for my GPU. The fact that there is even the CAPACITY for it to affect my CPU, without user input, is absolutely insane.
2. As it stands, I dont even HAVE an option to mess with the CPU in wattman. I know that there was supposed to be some sort of integration with Ryzen Master to allow for this, but it is either broken or non-existent. Again, there is no functionality that I can see in the User Interface to allow for CPU tweaking AT ALL, the functionality just isnt there, and I do not have Ryzen Master installed on my how the hell does this bug exist? And for so long?

I got my 5600x in December, and I ended up encountering this bug in January, where I made a post here about it. Pretty short window there. There is the possibility that this bug could have been around for a VERY long time before that. I know that in a recent driver there was a dialogue added that asks for confirmation when applying stuff in wattman, but as far as I know, thats not a fix at all.

Please, do something about this already.


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Yup, they for some reason moved it off the known issues list and added a notification toast about changing your profile which had NOTHING to do with the issue.

I'm on here a lot but I'm no fan-boy by any means and will call out BS when I see it. The post above got zero attention and when I contacted AMD  support.. well they showed me why I never bother waste my time and just use the community here normally.. ie "ok, we'll let them know"

The list of known issues grows each update and it seems now they are just ignoring them as I assume a 'won't do/fix'.

Adept III

Bumping this till it actually gets acknowledged...


Unlikely.. their support will barely ack it when you contact them directly.  But 1000% in favor of keeping it up there

Adept III

On 22.5.2 now, the one that has the "warning" dialogue message pop up. Was on 22.2.1 prior.

Its still happening. Still resetting my PC. Still messing with my PBO settings. 

As I said before, bumping this until it gets acknowledged, or until I get **bleep**ing banned.


Just happened again.

Volunteer Moderator


This has nothing to do with the problem? Wattman is rebooting my PC and applying an PBO overclock.