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Journeyman III

Wattman P States min/max behavior on Adrenalin 2020 and up (RX Vega)

I have observed that since the first release of Adrenalin 2020 with the new UI that the P State min/max feature on Wattman is missing. As of 20.1.3 the feature is still missing.

In previous driver versions it was possible to right click the P-State and select it as Min or Max state, which allowed setting P7 as min/max state to force said power state and its clock speed and voltage fixed while in game.

While the feature in the UI is missing it is still possible to save a profile and open it with any text editor and manually enable or disable the power states, essentially resulting in the same behavior.

With RX Vega being the last GPU line to have P-States instead of Voltage/Frequency curve, is the feature ever going to be added back?

I personally found the feature to be very useful when playing very old games that would otherwise not stress the GPU enough and result in low frames.

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With the VII the core downclocks to 14mhz in 3D applications, its a complete joke.

Same issue with the FuryX until AMD fixed the issue with a feature called ''Power Efficiency''

The option is missing on the Vega and VII.

I would suggest you contact AMD support and request this feature be available for HBM2 GPU's.

The more users request this feature the better, otherwise these HBM2 cards are a dud.