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Adept II

Wattman main issue, always resets your pc

seems like wattman issue wont ever get fix my @amd at this point im just gonna save money and swap back to intel nvidia tbh, its been 4 or 5 months getting unstable drivers giving us more errors than fixes, im currently using ryzen 7 3800x and a 6600 xt saphire nitro on a b450m S2H mother board, with a psu 750 gold certificade

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i didnt have any issues yet with 22.5.1 on my 6600xt, ive notice using hard accelaration can **bleep** with your drivers, so you could turn it off, if u are using chrome would also try something else


Hi Jerico,

I have h/w acceleration disabled within most desktop apps, VLC, Chrome, Edge and FF. 
Odd thing is these psu resets can occur whilst playing a game or just when the PC is idle on the desktop, no browser open or anything.  If it wasn't for the fact that I can't reproduce this in POP-OS I would think it's a slowly degrading motherboard, it is close to 6-7 yrs old. It's a real quandary.  


then yeah it might be time to update some pieces, and hope that fixes your issue, cuz my error was mostly with ff open on the background and chrome playing a video


If you check Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application and then System and do this right after restarting after problems and scroll to time stamp when it happens, does it give you a specific error code or mention a specific process or something?

Thing it, POP OS likely doesn't have GPU drivers installed and is running on default VGA drivers. Actually this is something you could try also on Windows. Remove GPU drivers and just let it run with default Windows VGA drivers to see if problem disappears.


Hi MadZyren,

I have checked Event Viewer in all the various logs. The only entries I could see related to the reset were a few entries for an Unexpected Shutdown. Nothing else, and the entry for that event didn't really say anything useful. 

With regard to POP-OS it did install the Ubuntu drivers off AMD's website as POP-OS as it's based on Ubuntu. The AMD Ubuntu drivers just don't come with all the Adrenalin feature set. 

I did do a fresh install of Windows on a spare SSD and just ran with whatever Windows installed. The issue still occurred but much less frequently. 

As of now I have done a few things

- redid all the cabling on the PC. It was in a bit of a mess and found there were about 4 cables from the PSU that weren't connected to anything. I can only assume they were at some point, but never removed once they were no longer needed. 
- Reseated all ram
- cleaned out all the dust from the case
- Set the PSU to single rail OCP. This was suggested by someone on another forum. 
- Re-installed original Windows SSD (NVME) and did a fresh install of Windows.
- Just installed basic apps I use, (discord, slack, steam, Firefox, iCUE for AIO and PSU monitoring) and ASUS's AI-Suite. 
- Adrenalin 22.5.1 drivers. These have proved the most stable in the past and these were shipped with the MSI 6700XT. Not game to try 22.10.3 quite yet. 

I'll probably live to regret saying this, because each time I do the power reset will occur, but so far so good. I won't post any update for a few days, want to give this a good test.

My main concern with these changes is to do with the PSU OCP mode. There is a lot of contradictory information concerning which is better, single rail OCP or multi rail OCP. So I'll need to do some more investigation on that. 




Hope it works now.

As it comes to one or two cables, using two is never wrong, but depending on how PSU is built, sometimes irrelevant. When in doubt, use two cables. 

As it comes to your software suite, I have heard people complaining about Asus software causing issues. I have not used it myself, so no personal experience. In general, I avoid installing/running software I don't need. I for instance do not allow my mouse to install it's RGB and keymapping software which tries to install every time you plug/unplug it.

Adept III

Yep, issue is still occurring. Really not sure what is causing it, the logs from the PSU are not showing anything out of the ordinary when the issue occurs. I can only assume at this point it is something in Windows itself or the Adrenalin drivers that is stressing something that is causing the issue. 

So I'm about to give up and will just deal with it the issue until AM5 m/b and DDR5 comes down in price to something more affordable in my neck of the woods (Australia) or perhaps I'll just bite the bullet and get an AM4 X570 m/b with a 5800X3D CPU to tie me over for the next 3yrs or so. I don't really *need* the fastest or latest, if I did, then I still wouldn't be on this 5+ yr old m/b and CPU.



I run a rx 6900 xt black aib gpu and every once in a while wattman will reset my pc and its happened with every driver version I've ever used.

Adept I

Any updates for the black screen reset Im having the same issue I built PC a little over a month ago and it worked perfectly untill last week , I was able to play a little bit of wz last night but had to turn my display to 59hz SMH


still have the same issues getting a 3070 on monday so xd i wont longer be here


What deemon wrote yesterday:

"Press Win + R to open the Run application.
Type regedit into the text field and press Enter. You will need administrator rights to make changes to the Windows registry.
In the registry, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Avalon.Graphics using the navigation bar on the left.
Here, right-click on an empty space in the right pane and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
Name the entry DisableHWAcceleration.
Now double click on the record you just created and enter 1 in the Value data field.
Click the OK button.
Exit Registry Editor and restart your computer."

Adept III

Well I finally gave up on the issues with the old PC and the RX 6700XT and went out and replaced it with an ASUS ROG Strix B650E-E and an 7700X with 32GB of ram. To save some money I reused the PSU from the old system as I now know it was not the cause of the power resets on the old system. 

Set it up with a clean Windows 10 Pro install along with my normal apps and the 22.11.2 (Dec adrenalin drivers. I did not install the RX 6700XT initially, I just used the APU in the 7700X to make sure the system was stable and ran it like that for 2 days without any power reset issues. On the old system, the power resets would occur every 3-5 hours, regardless of usage at the time. 

Today I installed the 6700XT and it's been 12hrs now with no power resets or any sort of instability. So I suspect there was some intrinsic issue between the 6700XT, the X99 chipset and the Adrenalin drivers OR possibly the 6700XT was occasionally asking more power from the PCIe slot than the board could deliver or perhaps even a failing VRM issue on the board. No real conclusive way of tracking it down without expensive test equipment. 

Anyway, on the new setup it is working flawlessly. Just hope these won't be my famous last words.