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Adept I

WattMan cause system failure when crossfire is on

I for all. I use Windows 10 1903 ad Adrenaline Driver version 19.9.2. When Crossfire is on and I start same games (I using Knights of the Old Republic Battlefront II) or benchmark (3DMark) I obtain a system freezing and reset is necessary. After restart "Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure", even if I didn't make any changes. If Crossfire is off, then all work fine. This problem does not occur in Windows 7.

My system configuration:

mainboard: Asrock Extreme 3

processor: AMD Phenom II x4 955

installed RAM: 16GB DDR3

graphics adapter: 2 x Sapphire Radeon RX 570 Nitro+

power: Tacens Anima APII750 (750W) with splitter from 6PIN in to 2x8 (6+2) out PIN

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Sounds like the power supply. Any chance of borrowing a larger PS to test?


Hi kingfish. No, I not have another PS. The pawer management, however, is correct, I seems. When crossfire is on, the led of secondary is off; turn on when the crossfire in off. And then, my PS is 750W. Shouldn't it be enough? I think that yes for 2 graphic cards, a capture card, an hard disk and a blu-ray burner. There is the splitter adapter to power both graphic cards. Is it possible that it's his fault?


Have you checked that both cards are fine with crossfire off?

Make sure you are not overclocking anything.

Sometimes with Crossfire on you can get very high frame rates and that can cause CPU utilization to go high and cause a crash. Turn on Frame pacing and FRTC to limit output FPS when the game launches, or better still set an FPS limit in game.

Connect a display output lead from each card to your single monitor and select one as you main display and disable the other display in Windows. Then try to run 3DMark. 

It might be your driver is corrupted after a crash when running crossfire and best thing to do is DDU uninstall and reinstall the driver.

This type of thing used to happen when I ran HD7970/R9280x in Crossfire. Sometimes the driver would crash when running crossfire and then after that nothing would fix it other than a clean driver install.


Hi colesdav. Yes, the cards work fine both when Crossfire is off.

The cards and the CPU is not overclocked. 

I disabled secondary monitor and I got nothing. I try to repair the driver but nothing. Wrapped the PC goes into protection and turns off, without the possibility of turning it back on. It is necessary to disconnect and connect again the cable to the power supply. Thinking it was the temperature, I tried to speed up the fans but nothing. 

My hands are tied. I don't know what to do anymore.


RE: " Wrapped the PC goes into protection and turns off, without the possibility of turning it back on. It is necessary to disconnect and connect again the cable to the power supply."

I do not understand what you mean by "Wrapped"

It sounds like your PSU is tripping out.

That means either the PSU is bad and needs replaced with a new one.

Something is shorting on the motherboard when you activate the secondary GPU.

Are you certain the secondary GPU is fitted properly in the PCIe connection slot?
Have you tried removing and reseating the GPUs in the PCIe connection slots?
What happens if you swap the GPU positions in the PCIe slots?
What happens if you remove both GPUs and just run with the Secondary GPU in the primary slot?
I would clean the slots with compressed air and make sure they are clean.
You might want to test what happens if you use new PCIe power leads to the GPUs as well.


Hi, dear. Sorry: Google Translator returned "wrapped" from italian word "Avvolte". I meant "some cases".

However: my PS unit is 750 Watt and even recent, and I never had problems, but my oldest graphic cards took energy from the PCIe slot, and not from PS unit. I believed that 750 watts was enough for my new 2x Sapphire Radeon RX 750 Nitro+. 

I tried all the combinations you listed and work fine all with Crossfire off. But I noticed that secondary slot PCIe in little detached from the MB, remains connected only by electrical contacts, even if secondary card work fine with Crossfire off

Adept I

Well, i try to mount a new PS: I bought a new PS at 800W with 2x8 PIN (6+2) PCIe dedicated and I hope it goes well. If the problem is related to the damaged PCIe slot I will have to change the mainboard. Fingers crossed.

It may well be the damaged PCIe slot, trying a new PSU is the only easy way to find out though. If the PCIe slot on the motherboard is damaged then it will likely be cheaper to purchase a new motherboard than to attempt to fix it. Good luck.


None. The new PSU (750W, same of the older) not resolve my problem. It have 2 distinct way for PCIe graphic adapter but not resolve my issue.

I repeat that the single adapter work fine in correspondents slots, primary on the principal slot and secondary in the secondary slot, also if it's damaged, but in crossfire mode crash the system and, after restart, I obtain "Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure" message. I really don't know what to do. I ask myself: what is the correlation of the issue with WattMan? Do I have to try an old driver, without WattMan tool? Sum suggestion? Thanks.