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Warzone2 Season3 error directX help

Please help me, i have an absurd problem born only yesterday (before yesterday never had such problems), when i updated Warzone to the latest season 3, if launching the game  ( client) get istant DirectX error 0x887a0005 etc, i also updated the drivers to Adrenalin 23.4.1 but nothing. Try different solution on YT tried over 20 solutions...all failed (over 7 hours of trying fix).

Finally formatted, installed pure win10 Msdn and updated only system files and drivers (no other software installed) and downloaded warzone2, same error.

My pc
Main: Asus Rog Strix 570 E Gaming
Cpu: Ryzen 3900 X
Gpu: Vega 56

Help please 

Note: warzone2 season 1 and 2 never had similar problems, work fine, only season3 give me this problem.




1 Solution
Community Manager

Thank you for your patience. This issue has now been addressed via a game update released by the developer today. Please can users download the update via and provide your feedback in this thread.

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lol these comments are wild, laughing so hard. 



I have the same exact issue, I'm using Ryzen 5 5600G as my APU. No GPU though.

Adept II

This is crazy that there has been zero acknowledgement by activision. And the fact that it's been this long and AMD still has no answers for us is unbelievable and un professional 

Ok, so the load previous replies is not working. Anyways, I'm having the same exact issue, I'm using Ryzen 5 5600G APU an no GPU. Any possible fix?

No, there's nothing that you can do. ATM we are waiting for the support updates

Adept I

I think its very poor that they cant fix it within a week, Activion are more bothered about the store then there fans!

If i was the boss id sack the lot of them and get people in whos willing to not release buggy updates!

Adept I

We need to open a post where we demand a refund. I do not pay 70 bucks for a loading-screen!!!
I did not buy the seasonpass where I can not open the game afterwards.
Who gives compensation for the lost days?
Nobody if WE don't act!
This is NOT customer service neither from Activision/COD, neither from AMD!!!

I had AMD as long as I can think. From 5700 DD to RX 480 to Vega56/5700xt.

Next GPU is definetely gonna be a NVIDIA Card, and CPU is gonna be INTEL!!!

I'll gladly pay more to your competitors, BECAUSE THEY AT LEAST KNOW THEIR **bleep**.

AMD never again.

i actually like your comment, specially the " do not pay 70 bucks for a loading-screen " XD im tired of this tbh too, since the S3 was released im not even able to play offline, this is crazy bro hopefully they will fix it in the near future, we have been waiting for a long time, isn't it enough - this should be prioritized because not everyone can just switch the build but we did put our trust in amd builds when we bought the machine, hopefully... hopefully we will get an update soon

Adept II

i think that amd is working on it but looks like activision isnt very helpful, they are busy releasing new battlepass & guns more than fixing the game issues

Amd will never be able to solve the problem, the problem is on the server side or inside the activision servers, it is a source code problem, amd has nothing to do with the problem, it can only help to understand its drivers, but the fix can only be done by activision

Adept I

This really suck, new updates still no solution. But the biggest problem is they don't admin (Except fot the twitter reaction from the dev. team)  there is a big silence. What an idiots. Normally you can create a case at Activision so you can see the updates on your ticket, but bug fixes are sent to another platform. How convenient. 

For those asking about a refund, some advice when buying online, always use "paypal". That way if the store site won't give you a refund or you're not able too, you could always use the pay pal refund dispute option and 99% of time i always get my money back. 

This is a good reason for you to get your money back from this COD nonsense i believe. But honestly I'll just keep the game and wait it out. But you could refund it, get your money back and then they might resolved the issue haha. But i tend to use paypal on anywhere i buy online, ebay, steam, etc. I have been jammed up a few times on ebay because of shady sellers, i always got my money back.

Technically and legally they are OBLIGED to refund, the minimum amd requirements are "AMD Radeon RX 470, 2GB" if the upper range does not go, it is almost a scam

Not almost, they are scammers for sure.. Purchasing the game but not able to play it and they not refunding AMD gamers.. Right?

I asked Steam for a refund but they refused:

We are unable to refund this purchase to your Steam Wallet at this time. Your playtime of an included product exceeds 2 hours (our refund policy maximum).

When I get the time I might take this further, but I am disappointed with Steam as they have sold me a game that I can not use, through no fault of my own.

I agree with Jeffrey_Lebowski - I don't see this as AMD's fault. It's not them that broke the game for us. It was the team that worked on Season 3.

My worry is that we Vega users are a minority and probably don't matter too much to Activision.  If it was a problem wth nvidia cards, as they are used by so many more people, I would imagine that the issue would be resolved much more quickly. The obvious sad impact of this is, through no fault of their own, I would now probably buy nvidia for the first time in my life, rather than AMD, which is a shame as I've had AMD cards for the past...well, too far to remember!

I don't want to be left out in the cold again, as we all have been in this case, and being a minority sometimes means that we're not listened to/cared about/are at the bottom of the list of things to sort...what a parallel with the real day to day lives of many minority people eh?

It's not just vega players with this issue I have a 7900xtx and can't play due to directx errors as well

That's a choker.... a grands worth of card and even that won't work. I'm sorry to hear that Burt

Been playing pubg  battlefield 2042 rainbow six no problems 

I’ve really been enjoying Rocket League again. Funnily enough my regular WZ squad have also stopped playing & moved to Rocket League. Turned out we didn’t enjoy WZ as much as we thought.. it was playing together we actually enjoyed.

OMG 7900 Xtx NOT work?

strange are you sure? what make/model do you have? 7900 xtx mounts Navi_31 and doesn't work? How much did you pay for it? The 6800xt goes, work fine and many streamers use it and it mounts the same gpu family but the Navi_21 is older.
Now my vega 56 is prehistory, it's from 2017 we are in 2023 it's been 6/7 years if a game doesn't work patience. 

I'm waiting for more models of the 4070 to come out (just a few pieces left) I will definitely take one of those for around 600/700$ and that's already a lot for a video card, but spending 2000$ for the 4090 (it's worth all of them is 5 Level higher ) makes no sense for consumer user.

But yours 7900 XTX is Born in November 2022, practically 2023 and it doesn't work?!!! 1200$ thrown in the toilet? I would also get mad at Amd, is its flagship product, and amd remains silent?

I won't even buy a screw "AMD branded" to close the  case!!!! 

Yes I have an xfx 7900xtx and have had non stop issues with mw2 since season 2 then was able to get it sorted out then season 3 I tried my fix that worked with season 2 and it just constantly crashes 

Activision work for you 



AMD is equally responsible for this and it makes me never want to buy another AMD GPU again. This is one of the most popular titles and if AMD isn’t picking up on this and reaching out to Beenox /Activision to help them they are equally to blame. Shame on all of these teams for their absolute disregard for their customers. No communications… doesn’t even cost you anything to just send a tweet. Pathetic. NVIDIA/Intel moving forward…

Adept I

AMD 23.4.3 is out. Lets HOPE, because that is all that is left.

The new driver doesn't change anything. My next PC will also use Intel/NVIDIA. AMD never again after the debacle. And Matt doesn't say anything.


because there's nothing to say, clearly no news so far


Same here its a disgrace, Most games are developed on Intel Nvidia it makes complete sense.


Doesn't work bin AMD not worth it


activision has just released a patch, nothing has changed again. 70 bucks for a loading screen. Not buying anything from activision or amd again. 2 weeks since the game stopped working, this is just unfair.

Nvidia is owned by Microsoft. Nvidia holds 80% of the vga market. Microsoft wants to buy Activision. Do the math... it's a nice gift, exclude amd users (SURGICAL only Amd gpu are excluded...)

also at the same time as the release of the new mid-range vga 4070 (April 2023), perfect timing .... I think they will deliberately leave this bug, to sell the 4070, then in 2/3 months they will fix ... so amd is completely excluded from the competition, surgical move, very good!!

Where can you see that Nvidia is owned by Microsoft? To be clear, I'm not saying you're wrong, it seems like a thing that psycho/pedo Bill Gates would do

Adept I


scrivo in italiano perchè ho una carogna addosso che spaccherei il pc.

MI ritrovo con un pc rifatto nuovo dopo diversi anni, gioco a call of duty da sempre.

Mai avuto un problema con amd, anzi mi sono sempre trovato benissimo, ma a sto giro ha sbagliato in pieno.

Ho appena preso il battlepass e mi da lo stesso errore.

Ma non solo, da quando ho aggiornato alle versioni 23.4 non mi parte più fusion 360 e prusaslicer (programma per stampante 3d). Ho dato colpa subito a win11 ma niente, ho dovuto chiedere ad un amico una scheda video nvidia per vedere dove era dovuto il problema ma poi sono incappato in questa discussione. Grande AMD,continuate così, poi però non lamentatevi se la gente non vi compra più niente (me compreso che volevo la nuova scheda video amd ma ora ho comprato nvidia) e vi dirò di più, appena riesco si cambia anche MB e CPU e si passa ad Intel.

Per dirla semplice, prendetevela nel culo.

Distinti saluti

Ciao fratello, ben venuto nel club! "azz non le mandi a dire".

Non lo sapevo quindi anche problemi con le 3D, ottimo di bene in meglio.

Prima di questa esperienza mi ero sempre trovato bene con Amd, ma ho aperto gli occhi. 

Volevo prendere la 6900 XT prima di questa bellissima situazione, aspettavo l'uscita delle 4070 per vedere se i prezzi calavano, ma adesso non ho dubbi, scappo via e non comprerò mai più nulla brand amd, neanche le viti per chiudere il case, manco il tappetino per il mouse ne avevo uno nuovo mai usato e lo ho buttato.

Prenderò la 4070 ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo, aspetto solo che arrivi la custom che dico io sugli scaffali italiani.

Mai vista tanto menefreghismo e tanta mancanza di rispetto verso i propri clienti come sta facendo Amd.


Activision azienda leader nel settore da 20 anni che vale 70 miliardi di dollari, dopo 18 giorni NON riesce a fixxare? MINCHIATA!!! la cosa è voluta e mirata, proprio al lancio delle nuove 4070, tempismo perfetto, infatti colpisce solo gpu Amd, mi sta bene, bella mossa, hanno guadagnato un nuovo cliente io.

A sto punto NON credo fixeranno o tra 2/3 mesi, magari alla season4, puro marketing.

Adept II


Pues AMD-0 Nvidia-1

Ya tengo pedida mi nueva Nvidia.

El miércoles me llega.

Y lo mismo, nunca más AMD.

Lo siento por AMD....

Pero call of duty es lo único que juego.






Journeyman III

This is just ridiculous at this point,  19 days without a solution lol

season last two months, 1 has passed, I would say no hope now for the third season.

it's time to drop amd, seriously!!!

we have been asking for help and support for a month, we are inside the amd house and no one is taking care of us.