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Warzone2 Season3 error directX help

Please help me, i have an absurd problem born only yesterday (before yesterday never had such problems), when i updated Warzone to the latest season 3, if launching the game  ( client) get istant DirectX error 0x887a0005 etc, i also updated the drivers to Adrenalin 23.4.1 but nothing. Try different solution on YT tried over 20 solutions...all failed (over 7 hours of trying fix).

Finally formatted, installed pure win10 Msdn and updated only system files and drivers (no other software installed) and downloaded warzone2, same error.

My pc
Main: Asus Rog Strix 570 E Gaming
Cpu: Ryzen 3900 X
Gpu: Vega 56

Help please 

Note: warzone2 season 1 and 2 never had similar problems, work fine, only season3 give me this problem.




1 Solution
Community Manager

Thank you for your patience. This issue has now been addressed via a game update released by the developer today. Please can users download the update via and provide your feedback in this thread.

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Community Manager

Thanks for the posts all. We are looking into this issue and I'll update the thread when I have any further updates to share. 

At last.. Thank you for replying AMD.. We'll be waiting.. 

The quickest way to flag bug reports to AMD is by using the AMD Bug Report Tool (BRT).

Thank you to all those that submitted reports via the BRT.

Which I did several times.. Thanks Matt AMD

I have done exactly that. Even attached my email to those sane reports dozens of times and nothing not even a reply

The BRT is not a support service where you get a reply, but it is a good way to report an issue to us with screenshots and most importantly instructions on how to reproduce the issue. We also get all the specs from your system, including settings used in AMD Software etc. 

If you would like support and a response from AMD, you can open an e-ticket here.

I have exhausted all efforts between me and amd tech support to resolve the issue to no avail. It has got to be an issue with amd and MW2. I have had these same problems being discussed since season 2 with nothing helping besides  uninstalling MW2 deleting all cache folders for amd,, and all directx cache folders. The game will run after doing that but only until there is an update on mw2 then it will begin crashing again directx error

Hey Matt AMD, any news or updates regarding the Vega graphics issue for Warzone 2.0 (Season 3)

thanks for the response to the community, did report this, fingers crossed we get a fix soon  


Thanks for actually replying to the thread, this gives me hope.

Adept I

Just found a new tweet from Raven. They retweeted a tweet from BeenoxCodPC. Apparently they have discovered this issue and are investigating it.

I have also been in contact with AMD customer support and in my case they are trying to narrow the issue down by guiding me on how to update BIOS and other things. I can update when I have finished trying this out. 

Amd can't fix the problem and neither can you, only activision can fix it. Amd has the great fault of ignoring the problem and not releasing notes about it

don't waste your time every attempt will result in futility, i try update bios, formatted, reinstall windows msdn, epic fail is warzone is a bug!!!

You are right sadly. I needed to update anyways, so I guess it was good that I did it, but it didn't change anything. Still getting that same direct x issue. 


here's how the benoox team responsible for our problem works



Please @ all

Please let's all go to the official website beenox(dot)com>contacts and flood them with emails with our error screens.

We need to be the ones to carry on this battle, Amd totally ignores us


Not going to solve anything.

Journeyman III

I have the same problem, Ryzen 7, Vega 56

Journeyman III

I have the same problem with a Ryzen 7 5700g with vega 8, i hope they fix it soon

Journeyman III

Hi @Matt_AMD, any update here?

Community Manager

No, my last update was my first post on the previous page. If I don't post again, there is no update. Please be assured that once I have anything to share, I'll be back to update the discussion to let you all know. 

Same problem here, ryzen 7 5700g. Activision has just released a patch for steam users, nothing has changed, the same error still happening. 

Adept I

Same for Battlenet users. New update doesn't resolve this issue.

Journeyman III

I'm sure this is from the AMD driver side because it's happening to every dx12 title that recently had an update or as their devs say had a "performance improvement". and in all of them, it's driver timeout for 1 sec or less but that is enough to make the app crash.

this is happening in MW2, Cyberpunk, and even Unreal Engine 5.2

I'm using Vega 56 with  Adrenalin 23.4.1

Adept I

Today i did the mw2 update on but the issue remains


Confirm last update cant fix problem ?

Same here. Exact same crash manifestation with the new update through steam

Same here getting same crash still this is becoming ridiculous 

i can confirm that post update i have same error

Same update did not fix issue

Journeyman III

I can confirm that COD2 still crashes with the same directx error after latest update on steam. At least for me.

Still same Error with me as well. (

same here.

same, the crash still exists, the update did not address the issue, it covered other things but there must be another patch roll out for us too.

Journeyman III

Same error from me directx error since season 3 update and later updates

vega 56 

ryzen 5 3600


I have second PC (main one)

Ryzen 7 3700x 



Journeyman III

I have a Vega 64 with the same error, I noticed that in the supported features there is directx 12_1. I don't know if this is the reason but I noticed that directx is updated to 12_2.


I downloaded 40GB+ for nothing it seems. Vega 56, seems like the issue has been going on since the 13th of April. I only downloaded it for the free 7 day trial, this sucks. 

Adept II

Been happening to me for weeks (using a 7900XTX), can’t even remember how many times l’ve reported it. Don’t even bother now. Sometimes l can play for minutes, other times hours.

Tired everything, even re-installing Windows. Separately I’ve re-installed DirextX and C++ Runtime, all to no avail  

Not only do l get the DirectX issue, but the black blob squares as well although changing the video memory adjustment may have solved that. 

At least both Activision and AMD have finally recognised the problem. 

Adept I

Its getting really weird,yesterday COD started acting weird...colorfull blobs and white squares with screen which gets painted brown and black.

Tried to play other games, and those artifacts followed. War thunder was unplayable, screen went slowly black, valheim had white squares, hollow knight glitching...**bleep** even Noita pixelated graphics were having little flashing and glitching.

I uninstalled COD because it didnt work...and after that every game starded artifacts?!?

Could that ricochet anti-cheat cause such problems? sometimes Antivirus apps has caused similar not starting or graphics glitching.

Today COD graphics went good to donkey ass after i changed my fps settings in game (120fps - 150fps)...same colorfull bubbles and white squares. and returning settings to what they were it didnt help.  I stopped playing for hours, and just 2h ago game worked nicely again. FPS locked to 110 none problems, but just 10min ago those bubbles started appearing slowly...and game crashed.

Could it be just my PSU? 850W gold corsair. Tomorrow comes new 1300W PSU, lets see does that solve my problems.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, AM4, 3.8GHz 12-core, G.Skill 16GB (4 x 8GB) Trident Z Neo DDR4 3600MHz, RX 7900 xtx Red Devil, MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI, Seasonic PX-1300 Prime 80 Plus platinum, NZXT krakken Z73 360mm AIO
Journeyman III

Hi everyone,

I just updated the GPU Adrenalin drivers to version 23.4.2

Same problem. I am running the game on a Lenovo Thinkbook 14 G3 ACL

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5700U with Radeon Graphics

OS: Windows 11 Pro 64bit

DirectX 12


The game has this "little" problem since the new season 3 update. No problems during season 2. Pretty annoying, at least I didn't buy the full game... Cheers



Italian Guy? 

Benvenuto nel Club amico mio, sono due settimane che triboliamo e nulla cambia.

Non ce modo di aggirare il problema, dobbiamo sperare che Activision si dia una svegliata, io li sto insultando e sputtanando su tutti i siti possibili.

NON fare come me che dopo aver provato tutte le soluzioni disponibili in rete ho formattato pensando che era win10, ancora sto reinstallando roba dopo 15 giorni grazie alle minchiate che fà Activision (neanche l'ultimo dei niubbi programmatori si sarebbe sognato di rilasciare pubblicamente roba senza averla testata per bene, roba da rabbrividire x una compagnia come activision.

Onestamente comincio a pensare che se ne sbattino altamente....80% della vga è Nvidia, le rimanenti Amd ma solo una piccola parte monta Vega, per cui non contiamo una beata......

Buona permanenza.




They suppose to be working on it, but **bleep** i hope they extend the free trial thing, i downloaded this for nothing.