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Warzone2 Season3 error directX help

Please help me, i have an absurd problem born only yesterday (before yesterday never had such problems), when i updated Warzone to the latest season 3, if launching the game  ( client) get istant DirectX error 0x887a0005 etc, i also updated the drivers to Adrenalin 23.4.1 but nothing. Try different solution on YT tried over 20 solutions...all failed (over 7 hours of trying fix).

Finally formatted, installed pure win10 Msdn and updated only system files and drivers (no other software installed) and downloaded warzone2, same error.

My pc
Main: Asus Rog Strix 570 E Gaming
Cpu: Ryzen 3900 X
Gpu: Vega 56

Help please 

Note: warzone2 season 1 and 2 never had similar problems, work fine, only season3 give me this problem.




1 Solution
Community Manager

Thank you for your patience. This issue has now been addressed via a game update released by the developer today. Please can users download the update via and provide your feedback in this thread.

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Adept I

Had the exact same - AMD Ryzen 7 5700 set up...was all good until season 3 update, now upon launch when its loading player stats it crashes with a DirectX error message....literally reinstalled everything all the way down to windows 2 times to make sure it wasnt me....needs to get fixed somehow

Journeyman III

Também estou com o mesmo erro. Uso o grafico integrado do Ryzen 5 5600G.

Journeyman III

I have the same error and i use the same GPU vega 56. my friend who works a an it specialist, tried 2 days for 5 hours every fix and also w10 reinstall. hope the fix will come.20230412_231300.jpg20230412_231238.jpg

Journeyman III

I have the same problem (Vega7)

Adept I


same problem. Tried everything. Hope for update.

Adept I


la même chose pour moi , j ai tout essayé mais toujours le même code erreur lors "recherche de mise a jour ou statistique joueur".

Avez vous des nouvelles pour résoudre ce gros problème.

Merci a vous.

Exactly crash on load "player stats".  @Kryptomedic our vga is Amd or Nvidia?

Vega is AMD

Tried everything the last days, reinstalled everything, made sure its all up to date, cleared all caches, etc etc etc.... still having the crash happen today when trying to launch the game....system specs attached


Adept I

Any news to solve the problem?

Exact same issue here.

Ryzen 2600, VEGA64, 16GB RAM, Windows 10 latest update

The latest MW2 / WZ2 update is incompatible with VEGA graphics.

You can do everything you want with Windows 10 or 11, AMD drivers, DDU, BIOS settings, XMP, etc.

Won't matter. Don't waste your time.

Have to wait on MW2 for an update to fix it or AMD to step in and help.

I put in the GPU from the other gaming PC in the house, 6800XT, worked like a charm. I put in an old RX580, no issues.



Same issue here I have a Ryzen 5700G the game crashes upon each load up with the dx11 error 

FYI the integrated graphics is “Vega 8” on that CPU

Yeah Vega 8 graphics

so the rx580 still works in season 3?? like no directx errors???


Journeyman III

Same problem on Ryzen 5 3400G and Ryzen 7 5700G.

I also reported the issue here : (on pc crash section).

I hope it get fixed soon.

I also reported this at the AMD support, maybe it helps.

Both of those iGPUs are VEGA 

everyone in here has a VEGA whether they know it or not 

Adept I

You can try to run it in DX11. I had the same issue until I did the following:

Setting windows "Change Device Installation Settings" to No, Clean DDU uninstall with no network (safemode),  and install latest driver (full install) with no network cable. Just ran Cyberpunk 2077 (DX12) benchmark and played the game for 20 minutes with no issue. Will test other DX12 titles I have had issue with (COD Warzone). I would do this step before any other troubleshooting.

Did you have the exact same error code? In my case dx11 not works.

I don't have a pic of the code. Did you turn off on-demand texture streaming? That was giving me issues as well even in DX11.


Adept I

Same here, tried everything hopefully  a fix soon

Adept I

Tried everything, remove game and graphic drivers. Deleted caches. Reinstalled erverything, moved to windows 11 and tried the Directx11 fix, but no luck. Until I started seeing the same problems all related to the AMD Vega cards.  The Solve this matter ASAP. (By the way this error already occurred in some gamemodes in Season 2 as well.

Adept I

Some additional error messages from Microsoft (Windows 11 - perfmon /rel:)






Adept I

Any mods seeing this? hoefully they can pass the message on

Adept II

I've been dealing with directx error crashes since season 2 and now season 3 is just as bad. 

Only thing that helps for a little while is uninstalling the game clearing all caches from amd and directx and reinstalling the game


Journeyman III

Same problem here with Vega 64 and Ryzen 5 3600X

Journeyman III

Same issue here. There are at least 5 different discussions on Steam related to this issue with hundreds of comments. Seems like all AMD GPU users are hosed after the MW2 Season 3 update... Would be AWESOME if Steam or AMD Or Activision or ANYBODY WHO CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT would step in and COMMUNICATE SOMETHING! We paid good money for these video cards and games. Would be nice to play them with our friends when an update is dropped. HELLO?!?!?!?!

Journeyman III

SAME EXACT PROBLEM! I have the 6800 graphics card and Ryzen 9. It freeze at playerstats and my shaders optimization only makes it to 7%! And I just bought battle pass!



Feb 2023 driver. That might work since I got my 6800 to work. 

the only one we can’t solve is any VEGA GPU or iGPU

was looking to swap out my Vega 64 with a Radeon 6800XT 

is that what you have?

Adept II

Same ISSUE here. VEGA 7 RYZEN 5 5600G 16 GB RAM

Journeyman III

same problem here.  i m using AMD  VEGA 56, with an i7 9700, and 32 RAM  but still crashing. 

There must be some conflict with drivers and directx.  help pls

Adept I


Vega 64

Adept I

Same problem here. I have AMD Ryzen 5600G with Vega graphics (I think it is Vega 7). 

Activision has incompetent developers, it collects billions of dollars and doesn't invest to improve, it uses low-cost dedicated servers, it's full of bugs of all kinds, but releasing battlepasses for $30 is shameful.

If activision was owned by Microsoft, after 2 hours they would have fixed the problem, and those responsible would have been kicked out, and they would have apologized to the whole AMD community.

it is unacceptable that they keep out millions of players with vga amd, and not release a single note about it.

Even AMD should rebel against this behavior of Activision (is it a bug to promote vga Nvidia sales???)

It's been three days and nobody does anything, it's frustrating

Amd what is it doing to fix the problem ????

Has AMD contacted Activision to report the issue?

What response did he get?

I will NEVER buy anything from Activision again, and honestly NEVER BUY AMD products if these are the results....

I'm very angry!!!

My next buy is Intel + Nvidia (Serius company)!!!

Same here 5600g and Vega 64

Journeyman III

I have been back and forth with Activision and they keep kicking me down the road with the same resolutions we have all been attempting.  No one from AMD has kicked in a response from anywhere that I have seen.  As much as I am upset with the game and it's creators, they have at least been responsive. Though not to much help, at least acknowledge some of us are having issues.  AMD, someone respond and let us all know that you are aware of the problem and let us know you are working on a resolution please!!!

Amd should give answers to their customers...

I respectively sent 6 crash-reports to Activision (they never reply to anyone, only big streamers like Nickmerce and or Elite pro team like Faze etc... normal users to them are just garbage) no reply of course.

I sent 8 reports to Amd with their crashtools Adrenalin, and NO reply from amd!

This silence worries me, officially no one talks about it, so the problem doesn't exist and will never be fixed?

Can i already order a 4080 ???