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Journeyman III

Warframe Driver Timeouts

Hey there!

About a couple days ago I started getting Driver Timeouts when playing Warframe. Happens randomly and irregularly, sometimes in a couple minutes, sometimes I can play for multiple hours or days without crashing. This started happening after I updated my drivers, the version I was originally using was 24.3.1 and I updated to 24.4.1
Since that was the only change I made since the crashes started happening I figured it would be a faulty driver and rolling back would fix it. It did help, since it doesn't crash as often but didn't completely fix the issue, so I decided to make a post here and hope that someone else can help me out. I have been having driver issues with other programs too but very rarely, now that it started happening to the game I play most it's really annoying. I hope someone can figure this out.

In Kind Regards


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