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Journeyman III

Wanting Windows 11 pro driver for AMD Firepro W4300

After updating from Windows 10 Pro 64 bits to Windows 11 Pro 64 bits, my AMD FirePro W4300 graphics card no longer work as expected. I get a message to uninstall older drivers, and then install updated. I find no way to uninstall older drivers, except during installation of update.
There is no driver for W11 to download. Will there be one, or do I have to replace my card?

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you are correct that there are no compatible Windows 11 driver for your Professional GPU Cards.

The last Professional AMD Driver is still from 07/2021 before Windows 11 came out.

So you will need to wait until AMD comes out with a compatible Professional AMD Driver for their GPU cards for Windows 11 or keeping using the Windows 10 Driver if it works in Windows 11.

Just ignore any messages about updating the driver for now.

NOTE: To uninstall the current AMD Driver you can try using DDU with the internet/wifi disconnected. It works in Windows 10 & 11 both.

Unfortunately, I am unable to make the latest W10 driver work with W11 so far. W11 has been out for a while now, and I notice there are W11 drivers for some other cards.  What are the plans for the pro cards?
What is DDU?


I don't know, The one person that might be able to answer your question, is at the moment ,not active at AMD Forums which is @fsadough AMD Moderator for Professional GPU Cards.

DDU is Display Driver Uninstaller recommended by both AMD and Nvidia Forum Users for removing the current Graphics driver.

You can download it from here: Wagnardsoft DDU Download 

But it is also important to delete the AMD installation folder created each time your run a AMD Driver package at C:\AMD.

Using DDU and deleting C:\AMD installation folder will prevent future AMD/Nvidia Driver installation issues.