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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

W10 GameBar not working in some games after upgrading to 5700XT

Hey all, I recently DDU'd and switched out my old 580 for a 5700XT. It works, okay for the most part. Though one thing is bothering me pretty badly. I play all my games in borderless mode at 1440p and use an Xbox controller for the games and the GameBar to record videos.

Before when I opened the game bar it would work and not have any issues but after updating drivers and upgrading to the 5700XT some of my games (RDR2 and No Man's Sky mainly) are unable to open the GameBar even in borderless. When I try to open the game bar the whole screen turns black and nothing happens, sometimes showing the desktop only. It sometimes opens but it tells me my game isn't supported with the graphics settings and tells me to use borderless. Sometimes the games actually just crash altogether after and if I try to open Radeon settings after that it actually just opens a clear window that doesn't load anything  forcing me to restart my PC to get it working again.

The only way I can get it to work is if I use windowed only mode for those games which I don't like. Any idea whats happening here? or is it just drivers being broken for some games. I couldn't find anything online about this issue and I have reset the GameBar and Xbox apps many times, I suspect its the driver.

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