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VSR above 5120x2880 when, AMD?!

So I have a 4K (3840x2160) display. AMD's driver is infamous by this point for it's inability to properly override antialiasing in a wide range of games. This brings up a possibility of using Virtual Super Resolution in older games (like mid-2000s and early 2010s) that have no in-game AA setting and no Temporal AA implemented, and only rely on inferior FXAA/SMAA which are better off disabled to my liking.

Unfortunately, unlike proper virtual resolution implementation I've seen in DSR by nVidia, AMD's VSR has no configurable levels whatsoever! It only scales up one step... One step, Carl! And not into the proper 1.5x multiplier of 5760x3240, but to a god awful, useless trash of 5120x2880 which looks arguably worse than even native due to interpolation quirks (some lines seem to have near-indistinguishabe AA applied to them here and there, others don't and all that may be within one long object edge - this mess is painful to look at).

I don't understand and refuse to understand why has AMD still not added VSR levels to their driver (at least 1.5x and 2x multipliers). IT'S NOT THAT HARD! Have you ever heard of GeDoSaTo (general downsampling tool)? I am using it now to play Postal 2 in 7680x4320 with Lanczos downscaling filter. It was made by ONE MAN goddаmіt! It's only downside is that it only works with few selected DX9 titles (or DX8 translated into DX9 through d3d8-to-d3d9 dll injector), like two dozen games or so, but it's a one person's work! And it allows for ANY custom resolution up to 4x the display native and four downscaling algorithms (point, bilinear, bicubic, laczos). Meanwhile, a freaking driver TEAM at AMD struggles to add more than one VSR setting preset even, not even talking about custom modes. This sucks.

VSR above 5K when, AMD?!!

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