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Journeyman III

VRAM leak in some programs and games. AMD Relive recording eat 1.5gb VRAM!

1. On a 6600xt with the latest drivers 23.4.3 and 23.5.1 recording video with RELIVE uses about 1.2-1.3Gb of VRAM. I tried to roll back to 21.10.1, there is no such problem.

AMDRSServ.exe eat about 1.2Gb VRAM.


2. The game Control in DX12 on 6600xt at 1440p resolution becomes absolutely unplayable due to lack of VRAM, stutters, drawdowns below 20fps, blurry textures are observed. Early tests of this game in 2020 on the gamegpu website show that 4Gb of video memory is enough for this game, on my own video card 8GB and they are extremely lacking. I also tried to roll back to version 21.10.1, you can play, but the blue textures remain.



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