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Adept I

VRAM filling up and GPU core stuttering, resets, stutters again. Only in SteamVR

Hello all y'all!

During a two-week period (after a long VR hiatus) I hopped back on to play VR games, though at first I was met with alright gameplay, I started getting stutters, severe such, until whatever VR title I played locked up and... then functioned as it should, only for this pattern to repeat again.

In my GPU performance metrics and SteamVR performance graph (linked below) you can see what this pattern looks like, and it's entirely the same regardless of VR title (and solely in VR games), GPU driver version, SteamVR settings (reprojection, resolution (set to Custom (60%), not Auto), chaperone properties, motion smoothing, et al), Windows updates, BIOS settings, SteamVR reinstalls, hardware un- and replugging... The only thing I haven't done/managed to is to roll back SteamVR version (tried beta, but issue remains). Literally everything is updated. Nothing remedies the issue.

GPU metric and SteamVR graph:

According to a couple of threads on SteamVR's discussion forums it seems to be an issue across AMD and Nvidia - core issue seems to be an issue with SteamVR, however it seems like it could be remedied by Valve and Drivers alike.

This stuttering accumulates after barely a couple of minutes of gameplay - as the graphs show, VRAM gets filled up (causing more and more stutters) until it peaks and when it does, the GPU itself spikes up to 95-100% usage. This lags up the games and SteamVR as a whole completely and outright crashes (AMD's software saying there's been a driver time-out), or it in somewhat clears itself up and all is good. Only for this all to happen again in the next minute.

I am at a loss - what on earth is there to do?

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Adept I

Potential temporary solution?
A friend came out of left field and told me to keep my browser open and run a YouTube-video at 1080p in fullscreen... and all the VR-games ran smoothly. VRAM nor GPU peaked like it did normally and I'm just... HOW. WHY DOES IT WORK
Back to VR gaming then I guess


Nevermind... Since last time, the issues cropped up again and I tried DDU, unplugging everything and did a clean driver install, on top of a Windows update and an update to SteamVR. It's all the same issue and it keeps coming back.