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Visual problem with A10 7860k and lastest drivers

Hi, how are you guys doing, Im Alejandro, and from some time now I have problems with drivers, Fortnite and my APU...
For some reason every driver from the 20.9.1 gave me this visual horror... (Even now, that A10 7XXX Drivers are marked as "Legacy") Im going to attached some pics of how the game looks with the 20.9.1 and how it looks with any driver beyond that one... maybe there is something to adjust that can solve the issue... in the end I will also be posting some Specs from my PC, any info you need to assist me don't hesitate to ask.

First with the version 20.9.1

Now lets see the post ictus version of Fortnite with any other newer driver...

My PC Specs:
-16 GB RAM DDR 3 1866mhz Hyper Fury
-A10 7860k
-SSD 240GB A400 Kingston
-motherboard a68hm-e33 v2
-Windows 10 up to date version...


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