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Journeyman III

Visual noise at gamestart with Freesync Ultimate Engine since 2020

Hello, since the Adrenalin 2020 Edition update I have an annoying, visual noise at (almost) every game start (see video). So I just used an older graphics card driver version (before 2020 edition) in the past months, so the noise was gone. However, since the performance of the new drivers is now significantly better, I have now switched back to the latest version (current: 20.4.2).
The noise comes with every first start of most games (e.g.: Squad (video), CoDMW, GTFO) as long as the PC is running. After restarting the computer, it starts again.
It only happens when I have switched on the Freesync Ultimate Engine on the screen, it does not happen with the Standard Engine. Since the standard engine has only a very small frequency range, it usually doesn't work properly.
The noise is not visible when recording / streaming.
Another HDMI cable had no effect.
What can I do against it?


Powercolor RX 5700 Red Dragon

Samsung LS27F350FHUXEN on HDMI

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