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Journeyman III

Visual Freeze every 2 seconds, laptop unusable, incompatible with most recent driver

My GPU is AMD Radeon A6-5200 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics 2.00ghz, and my display adapter driver auto-updates to AMD Radeon 8400/R3 Series.
This driver makes my computer lag every 2 seconds to the point that it's impossible to do anything. The only way I can get responsiveness back is to disable or uninstall the driver and use Microsoft Basic Display adapter, but that doesn't let me play any of my games so it's an unacceptable final result.

Let me know if I need to drop more info on the computer, it's a 64-bit HP Notebook, originally had a 500gb HDD but had to replace it with a 1TB SSD.
When I got it back from the shop, it had Windows 7 installed and I updated it to Windows 10.
Monitor: Generic PnP Monitor.

I have tried the Adrenalin install package, it installs the 8400/R3 driver and reinstates the problem.
I have tried several different versions of AMD Catalyst (since they generously delegated the drivers for my hardware to legacy software and only left one all-in-one installer available) and not a single one of them will finish the "Analyze" phase of the installation. I have browsed a dozen forums and made 1,000% sure that it's running in Administrator Mode. The Overall Progress bar stays between the "r" and "e" at the end of "Detecting Graphics Hardware"- OF FLIPPING COURSE CATALYST FINALLY INSTALLS WHEN I TYPE THIS UP. Anger. Fury, even. Ahem. I'm good. Completely fine. Idk if this matters, the W8.1 version is the one that just decided to finally install.
I have tried scrubbing AMD completely off my machine with DDU, deleting the AMD folder in C:/ and in System32, reinstalled, no difference or result.

Decided to run the Adrenalin installer while I was typing this up, hoping for results. It installed the 8400/R3 driver and I'm lagging again. Catalyst installs reliably now. Not sure if that helps or not. Any help is appreciated, please/thank/sorry.

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Journeyman III